Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shopping Day

Now that 3 of the 4 girls in my family are married and spread out a bit more, we decided that we needed to start okaying get togethers so that we see each other more often.
This month we all met in the city for a day of shopping for our upcoming family camping trip.
All but one of the girls went so we were 11 in total, talk about fun!

We went to a new mall, it was, well pretty big!
We shoe shopped.
Taylor and Auntie Rita

Holding hands.

Girls talking as they like to do.

Checking out that baby in the mirror.

The littlest niece, Moriah.

Eating lunch in the new food court.

Teaching her while she's young, chinese food is the way to go!! :)

Kayla and Auntie Rita.

We went to IKEA and tried out chairs.


And pillows.

It was fun day of pushing shopping carts.

And being together.