Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 24

That was a fast week! I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas, we sure did, lots of fun with family, lots of good food and many new memories!
It was a good week for Christmas and food as the baby has been growing longer and gaining weight. The baby now weighs about 1 1/2 pounds and is around 8.8 inches long. He or she was also able to enjoy the Christmas songs, if we played then loud enough. :)
I am feeling great! Christmas didn't really get me to tired thanks to the energy I'm having right now. Other than a cold and the flue one day I have been feeling quite wonderful!
Next week Thursday is our ultrasound, I'm really looking forward to seeing this little kicker!!
Happy New Years to you all!!
16 weeks, or 112 days to go.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Week 23

Well the time has come again! :) I'm carrying a miracle inside me and I can't help but share the joy and excitement!!!
I am feeling great! The first trimester went by way to fast! I had a few weeks of morning sickness but thanks to both my families (sisters especially) I didn't have to cook to much food and I made it through. I have really been enjoying the second trimester, being able to cook, and eat what I cook, not NEEDING naps every day and most of all feeling this little one kick and squirm! That's my favorite part of being pregnant!!

Thankfully I was able to have a midwife again this time, what a blessing!! We had our first appointment Dec 3, everything looked and sounded great! I have my next appt on January 3 along with an ultrasound, which I'm REALLY excited for!!

This week the baby is working on gaining weight, (which probably means the same for me) :) The baby is around 8 inches long and a lot of the organs are working now, so it's time to put on weight!
I have been trying to explain to Andy that we are going to have a new baby, the other day he put his hand on my tummy and said, its a baby in there, so sweet!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Party Time!!

Well it has been much to long since I last did a post, I ran out of room for pictures on my computer and with getting ready for Christmas I just didn't take the time to figure it out. But now with the help of my sisters I think I've got it, thanks girls!!
So anyway, back in November we celebrated the birthdays of our 2 blessings, Andy on the 2nd and Kayla on the 10th. It was such a special time, just enjoying all the different blessings that come with having kids.
We had one big party with both sides of the family at my parents house, it was a lot of fun, thank you to everyone that came, for the food and all the gifts!
After a yummy meal we enjoyed cake! And since it was Kayla's first birthday she was allowed to eat her own cake. :)
Andy still did not know how to blow out candles... :) No matter how many different faces he made, nothing seemed to help. :)
Then Uncle Jaden came to the rescue and we could continue on with the party.
Andrew had it figured out, eat the icing and leave the cake. :)
Makayla wasn't quite as neat...she dug in and thoroughly enjoyed herself!
More please!
After cake it was time for presents!
Kayla got her first doll.
And Andrew got many, many tractors.
What could be better than farming with your Grandpas!!
We love you Andrew and Makayla, God bless you in the years ahead!
Thanks to Megan for the super great pictures!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Snow Came!

Last Sunday we got snow! So much snow that church canceled. So we had a relaxing day at home. The kids and I went out and enjoyed the snow.

Then we went in and warmed up with popcorn and hot chocolate.

The end. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Makayla Faith

One year!!! I can't believe it! It's been a year of making wonderful memories, some sleepless nights, :) many laughs, and lots and lots of love!!! Kayla, you are such a blessing from God, we are honored to be your parents. You bring such joy to our lives, you and such a friendly little girl and growing so fast! You are such a sweet little sister and I can't wait to see you be a big sister! We pray God's blessing upon you as you grow up. We love you Makayla!
Just a few hours old, you were so tiny!

1 month old.

2 months old.

3 months old.

4 months old.

5 months old.

6 months old.

7 months old.

8 months old.

9 months old.

10 months old.

11 months old.

And now 1 year old! What a precious girl you are, we love you Makayla!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Andrew Joshua!!

Andrew you are a very special boy to us, your smile and silly ways make me laugh. And even though your not really into talking you are a smart little man and I am often surprised by what is going on in your little head! :) We love you Andy, you are such a precious gift to us and we have so enjoyed these past 3 years with you! We know that God will do amazing things in your life and we are honored to be your parents!
We pray that God would bless you and make you a blessing in the coming years!!
Andrew 3 hours old.

In the hospital with Daddy.

After surgery.

Harvest time!




Bomber fans.

Fun times.

Hauling grain.