Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Baby growing up…

At 6 months and 4 days Brendan started sitting, he really, really likes it!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas Shoe Boxes

We have been packing shoe boxes for a few years now, usually I just do it, but his year…. Well I had 2 little ones that are all into presents now since we just celebrated birthdays, so I thought I would get them to help me, and teach them about giving.
They had a lot of fun and for the rest of the day whenever Andy saw the boxes he would say, those are for little kids who don't get any presents. I hope that they will have learnt at least a little something, It is never to early to teach our kids to give.

We watched a youtube movie of kids opening their gifts, that got them excited to get started.

Ready to fill the empty boxes.

Picking out stuff to fill the boxes.

The boxes all ready to go.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Terrific Twos!

We celebrated another birthday at our house on Sunday, Makayla Faith turned two, such a wonderful time in a child's life, so much learning, so much growing and in the case of Makayla, so much loving to do! :)
Makayla is  such a precious little girl, she brings endless smiles and laughter to our family, she is very smart for her age and a quick learner. She as a mind of her own, which she doesn't mind sharing, and she has a soft spot in her heart for babies, especially her little brother.
Kayla, you are such a special little girl, we are so blessed to have you in our lives!
We love you Makayla Faith!!

A few things about Kayla:

She likes to help in the kitchen, like really likes to help! :)

Makayla loves her cousin Hailey…

 and her brother Brendan…

and her brother Andrew. :)

She loves her uncles.

Makayla loves to help, and she's really good at it!

She likes popcorn a whole lot!!!!

And she enjoys the water.

 Kayla LOVES her Daddy with all her heart.

She loves to smile her goofy smile. :)

We love you Kayla, you are a treasure!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

4 Years Old!

Yesterday was a much longed for day, Andy's birthday! Of course he didn't know it was his birthday until I told him :) But after that he got excited!
We went to my parents for the day, so after muffins we headed out. Andrew had a fun day playing with his sister, uncles and aunties, he can spend many hours playing with Grama's high ho and loader.
While there I made his birthday cake which we had for supper along with opening gifts. 
All the way home Andy talked about the fun he had, and this morning he was still excited about all that he had done and the gifts that he got! 
Because we weren't home yesterday we did his gifts at home today, for a few weeks he had already been telling me that he wanted to play with the tractor that he was getting for his birthday. :) How he knew he was getting a tractor I don't know :) But he was right, and he was happy! 
Andy we love you so much, you are such a sweet big brother to Makayla and Brendan and a really big help to Mommy!! You love to spend time with your family, and you are always making sure that you are ready for a ride on the tractor with Daddy or Grampa. 
You are so special to us Andrew and we thank God every day for blessing us with a miracle like you!
Happy Birthday Big Boy!