Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And the Last One

It is tradition to make porgies for supper once every harvest.
Megan usually comes out for that, I'm not sure if it to eat the porgies, or if it's cause she loves us, misses us and wants to help out. :) Probably the last reasons. 
Anyway.... this year sweet little Si bear was there too, such a cute little munchkin!

We started out with oreo cookies
Thats what aunties are for right?! (Hey, she's done the same to my kids) :)

Then we got work, that is after Kerri, peeled, cooked mashed and mixed up the potatoes. Mixed, kneaded, rolled out and cut out circles of dough, we don't let Kerri do all the work, but she is so good at it thats it's hard sometimes! :)

We did help her close them all up. Jen got a day off of the grain cart duties, it was mice to have her home!

I think. :)

Sweet little friends.

Cooked progies, ready to be fried.

After all that hard work the girls attacked the dessert I had made. :)

Although I do think they managed to get some into containers for the field. :)

 And after that I didn't take anymore pictures, I guess it got to busy. Although I do have a picture of the boxes after they get back from the field, they don't come back looking the same as they did when they left. :)
All in all harvest was wonderful. 
We were blessed with safety, working equipment, help, nice weather and a bountiful crop!
What more could you ask for!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Harvest Part 4

In the house, rolling out pie dough, making supper, filling plates.

Little helping hands.

In the field.

Driving the combine, tractor and grain truck.

Dust, sweating in the day, shivering at night, sun in your eyes.

But at 5:30 pm two worlds collide, when its supper time!
We are joined by food, some of us having spent many hours preparing it, while others take a few minutes to enjoy it. 
Food brings us together.

And I guess Kerri and I like to bring everyone together, or we enjoy being up late at night, working. :) But once every harvest, past our bed time, we get out the doughnut recipe and whip up a batch for the people in the field.

Rolling and cutting.
And of course making promises that we won't eat any (that means just eating one, or two) :)

And the picture with the doughnuts. :)
Thanks Nate!!

Such yummy fattening little things. Cant you just feel the pounds being added to you? :) But boy are they worth it!!

And this is for you Rosalie, by the time you got your doughnut the rings around the middle were probably not there any more, but we have proof that we did make them right. :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

School on Saturday

Yes, this is something that I never thought I would deal with, but...
my kids like school TO MUCH! :)
Not to much for my liking, to much to be happy once Saturday gets here and they get a break. :)
This morning I wanted to come up with some fun craft/project that we could do instead of school, cause I knew they would be asking to do school, they have been asking to do school every single day since we started 2 weeks ago, (pictures of which I will post one day) and I just hope it stays that way! :)
So I looked through my pinterest ideas and found a fun little craft, making your own jellyfish.
Well.... me being the school teacher that I am decided that I may as well work some learning into the fun.
So even though we are not yet till learning about the letter J in our ABCs, we printed out some jelly fish pictures to colour, traced and printed some Js, watched a few youtube videos about jellyfish and then finally made our own jellyfish, how exciting that was! They have gone everywhere with the kids so far, even out to the field to bring Daddy supper. :)
I love teaching our kids, I love being able to decide what goes into their heads, what influences them.
I am so very thankful that we have the freedom to homeschool our kids, it is such a privilege!!

Andy tracing and printed the J

Kayla exited about her work! :)

Making his very own Js

Colouring, Kayla is very much girl when it comes to colouring or painting, everything is pink or purple. :) She was very excited that God made pink jellyfish!!!

The finished papers.

Brendan saying cheese.

And the jellyfish! I didn't have time to take pictures during the project. :)

Kayla's is named squishy and Andy's is named not squishy. :)

Harvest Part 3

So after the last post I thought it would be a good idea to add something, we have helpers at home! :)
Helpers that can:
husk corn
play with the little kids
run errands
check on babies
set the table
fill water bottles
stir things
get kids ready for bed
sweep the floor
clean up toys
take little kids to the bathroom
dig up potatoes
fill the flour container
and many, many other things!
We are so thankful for these helpers, and as the years go by we can see how quickly they are growing up!!

Be thankful for your little helpers!