Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Auction Day

This Summer one of our days was spent at my Grandparents auction.
The farm that they lived on has been in the family for over 100 years so there was a lot of really neat stuff for sale. 

Headed out to see what kind of treasures he can find.

He brought his money along!

There was a lot of selling and bidding going on.
My parents.

Josh and my brother.

It was our kids first auction.

Checking out the bikes and outdoor toys.

Who's going to get what?

Letting daddy what stuff he would like too have.

My Grandpa got this old truck fixed up many years ago. I have many memories of rides in the back with all my cousins.

My dad bought the truck.

And so the memories will continue, now with my kids!
Everyone was eager to get a ride!

Loading up all the treasures.

Love these people!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Camping Post (the last one)

For the sake of memories I have one last camping trip to post and then we will move on to other things. 
We got to our campsite in the evening, set up camp and had ice cream and a relaxing evening.
The next morning was bright, sunny and warm!
So we headed down to the lake and spent the day in the tube, on the tube, or watching the fun.
it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed every min of it!

Nothing like a Summer breeze in your hair!

Waiting for a ride.

Their favourite place to be!

Giving Bob and Zach a ride.

The kids really enjoyed being out in the water this year, they loved the tube and Andy and Kayla both got on the knee board as well and they did they really good!

After our warm sun shinny day a storm hit, and it hit hard! It was the worst storm that they had had in a long time! We were thankful to be able to take shelter at Josh's grandparents and then headed back to our camper for night. The next morning Josh chalked our camper jacks and realized that our camper had moved about a foot in the storm!
The sky after the storm.

The next day was cool and a bun ch of the peeps went over and helped clean up Henry and Megans yard, it was a mess after the storm. The rest of us stayed in the rv watching movies, eating and visiting.

The next day, our last day, was beautiful again! And once again we made the most of it, beaching, boating, swimming, tanning, eating, laughing and being together.

We are so thankful for the many fun days that we were able to spend together this Summer and look forward to next year when we can do it all again!!