Saturday, January 23, 2016

1 Month

Back on the 15 marked 1 month that this little lady has been part of our family.
The month flew by so quickly!
It seems like she has been ours forever.
She has grown since she was born, from 8 pounds 4 ounces to 10 pounds, and from 21 1/2 inches to 22 1/2 inches.
But most of all she has grown in our hearts.
We love this baby so much and have enjoyed the past month to the fullest, even though there have been many long nights, she is flowing in her siblings footsteps and enjoys being awake at night. :)
Which in part is why this post is 8 days late! :)
But the past week of so have been getting better!
We are thankful for Taylor and cant wait to see what the next months and years have in store!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas At Home

I didn't take pictures at our Christmas gatherings this year.
I fed and held and took care of my baby instead. :)
I did manage to take some pictures of our Christmas at home, she was sleeping for all of it. :)
We had Christmas at on the 22nd, Josh didn't have to haul grain that day and the kids didn't mind having it early!
First we all got in our morning Taylor snuggles..

And then unwrapping began.

Brendan got a bunch of Cars stuff, to say that he was excited was an understatement! After he opened it he was so busy playing that when we asked him if he wanted to open another gift he said no. :)

Andrew was hoping for a phone (?!?!) He got a camera instead and some books. The camera has not rested much since Christmas! :)

Kaylas trun.

A doll house! Hopefully her and Taylor will be able to spend many hours playing with it!

And this is how Taylor spent her first Christmas, cuddling with Daddy. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Looking Back on 2015

The new year has once again come, and it seemed to come quickly!
2015 was a wonderful year!! So many memories, working hard and playing hard!
Here is a quick look at some of the things we did last year.

January: Josh and I went to sunny Florida for 1 week with some friends of ours.
It was awesome and I want to go back again as soon as I have the chance!

February: Josh and I celebrated our 6 anniversary, I am beyond blessed to be married to this man!

March: We started on this adventure, it took him a few months but he's an expert now!

April: we found out that we were expecting four 4th blessing. We were super excited!!

May: We celebrated Brendan's 2nd birthday with both families coming over. It was fun to have everyone together again!

June: We celebrated Fathers Day with these 3 great guys!

July: This Summer we were able to go camping a lot! We found a great campground just 40 mins from home and spent many weekend there. The weather was great and we had a lot of fun!

August: We started with harvest, which went very smoothly this year and we were once again blessed with great crops!

September: We gathered stuff from the garden and were busy canning and freezing what we had grown.

October: Digging up potatoes and carrots from the garden, and Mark and Rosalie took their annual trip down south so we were in charge of the farm for a couple weeks.

November: We celebrated Andy's 6th birthday

And Makayla's 4th birthday.

December: We ended the year with a bang, welcoming Taylor Brianne into our family!

We have been so blessed in 2015 and we cant wait to see what the new year has in store for us!
We wish you all God's blessings in 2016!