Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Our Other Easter Gathering

The Sunday after Easter we all headed over to my parents for the day.

Reuben usually brings in some little lambs when we come over, this time it was the cutest little twins ever!!




And yes, Kayla is terrified of the lambs and will not come anywhere that they are! :)

We took matching shirt pictures.

And not so matching shirt pictures! :) Love these crazy girls I call sisters!

There was time spent playing with Grama.

Smiles with cousins. Brendan and Janelle.

Kayla and Hailey.

And smiles with your siblings.

We celebrated Yvonne, Hailey and Janelle's birthday.

Plus we ate, visited, ate, played volley ball, ate, sat around the fire, ate and just had a great time together!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Easter 2015

We finished all our Easter celebrations last Sunday, so Im getting to pictures now. :)
Each year we have an extended Pauls' gathering and I like taking pictures at that one cause it only happens once a year so everyone changes a lot.

We started off with colouring. Colouring with Daddy is so much fun!

Colouring in general just makes you excited!

Colouring with auntie Jen.

And Elijah.

The bigger boys played games.

And so did the younger ones.

While the older boys visited.

Some wonderful ladies got supper ready, and it was delicious!!!

Men helped too. :)

Snacking in the kitchen, cause some girls cant wait till supper time. :)

After supper the kids enjoyed some yummy ice cream treats.

Then there was more playing and visiting.

And then we went home. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy 50th Birthday!

Back in February my parents both turned 50! I remember when I was growing up that 50 was REALLY old!!! But guess what, its not that old at all! :) Now that my parents are that age 50 seems almost young, cause I really don't think of my parents as being old. 

So to celebrate us kids got together in March and threw a party for them. We invited a bunch of their church friends and fed them a lot of really good food! What more would you want for your 50th birthday party?!

Getting the table all set.

Our theme was Mexican food, Josh and Steve made delicious fruit salsa for a dessert.
We also had Mexican soup, enchiladas, Mexican chopped salad, chicken fajitas and lots of yummy desserts!!

We had lots of help!

Cutting the squares, Rita not really trusting that I can do it right. :)

These sweet little girls played all afternoon together, not a singe fight, they are so cute to watch together! :)

 Ruth and Janelle.

The dessert table.

And the guests.

We love you Mom and Dad, may God bless you with another 50 years!!!!