Friday, June 30, 2017

Good Bye June

Well here we are, the last day of June!
It's been a busy and fun month, it's gone by much to fast!!
But we are excited!
Excited because we are packing up to leave for the month!
We are moving to the Morden campground.
Everyone has been counting down the days for a long time already.
We are planning on thoroughly enjoying ourselves, relaxing and making many memories.
So while the blog will be quiet for the month of July, I'll be back with lots to share in August!

So thank you for reading the blog.
And thank you June of the many memories!

Wiener roasts.

Kitty cuddles.






Get aways.




Drawing pictures.

Watching the rain.

More eating.

And togetherness.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Teach Them While They are Young

There is nothing wrong with teaching your kids how to work while they are still young.
In fact, it's a good thing!
It teaches them many life lessons.
Like how to see when other people need your help.
To not be afraid to jump in and help, even when it's not your responsibility.
That the world doesn't revolve around them.
Life isn't always easy, sometimes you have to work hard!
That you enjoy your free time more when you know that you did a good job.

Sometimes for me as a Mom it's hard to get my kids to help, it's so much faster and neater if I just do it myself.
But I know that if I do that then one day my kids will be grown up and they won't know how to help.
I want them to have that helping personality, 
When someone is in need to step in and help.

So I purpose in my heart every day to get my kids to work.
And it doesn't take long.
Before you know it they know what their jobs are, and they get really good at them!
Kayla cracked an egg for our cookies the other day, her first one with out getting any egg shell in the bowl!
It was so exciting for her (and for me)! :)

When you teach your kids how to work they also see things that need to be done with out you telling them.
I asked Andy to vacuum our entrance a few days ago.
After he was done in there he moved to our room.
I told him that he didn't need to vacuum in there,
but he told he he thought he would do it anyway.
See, so worth it!!

They don't need to be big hard jobs that will overwhelm them.
Start with easy tings, setting the table, clearing the table, picking up toys...
And once they have the easy things mastered then move onto bigger things.

Once your kids are grown up sooner or later they will realize that the world doesn't revolve around them.
And if they aren't afraid to work to make their dreams come true it won't seem like such terrible thing!
So teach to work while they are young, you don't regret it and neither will they!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Our Second Camping Trip

The second get away was with my family.
We headed to Carman, our favourite spot for the last few years.
These peeps were all excited to go!

After setting up we played some tennis.

Then played at the park.

Once everyone got there we had supper.

Excited to be sleeping in the camper.

It was a cool weekend so we did a lot of sitting around the fire and visiting.
Making our lunch.

Eating her lunch.

There were more tennis games, and the guys went golfing.

And of course we had multiple volley ball games!

For supper we had traditional watermelon and roll cookies. 
The girls all helped with getting it ready.

And everyone enjoyed it!

Sunday morning we chilled out.

Played lego.

And played with friends.

After cleaning up camp we all went out for ice cream and that wrapped up another fun family camping trip!!