Friday, June 23, 2017

A Quick Get Away

Last week Wednesday Josh and I woke up late and lay in bed wondering what we would do that day.
See, it had rained that night, it had rained ALOT.
I threw out a couple of ideas of fun things to do.
But before we could decide on one we got a phone call.
Josh's Dad called and said that our neighbours had a room at resort that they wouldn't be able to use for the rest of the week, would we like it?
Well of course we would!!!
We decided to head with Josh's parents cause it would just be a quick trip, and when theres been hail at the farm it's always good for the farmers to get away!
So we packed, and left in 1 hour.

We stopped for ice cream on the way.

I love driving in the rain.

The view from our building.

We packed matching hats!

The night we got there it rained all night, so we stayed in, played games on our phones, watched baseball and ate pizza.
It was nice to relax.

The next morning it was cool and windy but we decided to brave the cold and explore.
It was a beautiful place and I want to go back sometime soon!


I love these chairs.

Beautiful walk ways.

Going on the dock.

After lunch at Subway and visiting for an hour waiting for it to warm up, we drove around for a bit and watched some guys cut down a tree, we all had better ideas of how he should have done it. :)

We saw this cute baby bear on the way!

Once we got back we got our stuff together and went golfing!!
Josh's mom and I had never golfed before.
She was a natural!
Me, not so much. :)

 I was good flag holder though!

Our second time through the course we played best ball, he was on my team, I like having him on my team, he's cute.

After 2 rounds of golf we were all hungry so we went to this cute little restaurant/store for supper.

Then went and tried out the tennis courts.
They were great and we had a blast!

Of course all that exercise called for ice cream!!

The BEST hard ice cream I've ever had!!
If you ever go to Clear Lake get the birthday cake ice cream, its worth the drive people!!

We walked a lot of steps that day!!

We headed home the next morning cause Josh and I had a family camping trip to go to.
It was a wonderful time together with 2 very dear people!
And a huge thank you to our neighbours for thinking of us, we had a blast!!!

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You are cute. That is all. :)