Friday, January 31, 2014

Flash back Friday

So I know that Christmas was, well, quite a while ago already, but I took so many pictures at Christmas, just so that I could blog them, so I figured that I really should do that, even though it's getting kinda late.
So anyway, since it was Brendan's first Christmas I took extra many pictures of him.
Here they are (or some of them anyway)

Brendan was very interested in the Christmas tree this year, he couldn't really move on his own so he only got as close as I let him, but he would still love to sit and stare at the lights, Christmas morning I let him have at it and he enjoyed every minute of it! :)

He was sure that the presents were there for eating.

And the balls, well they were meant to be pulled off of the tree.

 And once they were off the tree he didn't know for sure what the plan was.

Maybe you hold them and smile.

Then again, maybe not. 

Either way smiling must always the way to go. :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Couch Full of Sweetness

Last night we went to Josh's grandparents for supper and Henry and Megan came too. It was the first time the Andrew Makayla and Brendan met their little nephew Silas. They were so excited!
Andrew held him for 2 seconds and was done, but Makayla couldn't get enough of him, as you can see from the pictures she was very proud to be holding such a tiny baby and she didn't want to give him up! :)

Silas, we are happy to have in our family! You are very loved!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Out Side

This Winter has been really, really cold so far. To cold to go outside unless you really need to, like if there is brunch at Mom and Dads or something. :) 
So the kids hadn't been able to try out their boots, mitts, hats and coats yet this year.
Well this weekend has finally been warmer, up to -3 yesterday. So while Brendan had a nap the kids and I headed out and played in the snow. We had a great time on the hill that Grampa made, although they are both terrible snow hill climbers! :)

Throwing snow balls. :)

After the hill we went to visit the cows…

And the cats.

They had a great time outside, its really nice to have a break from the very cold weather.

Friday, January 10, 2014

My Baby

I have all my Christmas pictures waiting to be put on the blog… But this is my favourite so I thought I'd share it now.

I love my baby so very much! Every day when I sit down with him just to cuddle together I can't believe how fast he is growing!

Mommy's, hold your babies, tomorrow they will be a little older and a little bigger, you only have this day once!

Thanks Megan for the picture, love it!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014

Well I wasn't planning to write a new year post, but everyone else (my sisters) :) did, so I gave into peer pressure and thought I may as week write one too. :)
2013 was a wonderful year filled to over flowing with God's grace and blessings!
The year started off with my best friends birthday. What a blessing Josh is to me and to our kids, I can't imagine a day without him in my life, I love him so very much!
February, I was surprised with a few nights out at a hotel and roses! We were both sick during that time but we still made memories and enjoyed every minute of each others company.

March, we finished up our Growing Kids God's Way classes with some wonderful couples and Josh's parents teaching us. We learnt so many things and will forever be grateful that we were able to take the class and it was a great help in showing us how important it is to train your children in the way that they should go.

April, Spring wanted to come, but it took it's sweet time. Josh's Mom and I started walking 3 miles (almost) everyday. :) I enjoyed those walks a lot and learnt much from a very wise mother.

May, Our third little blessing made his appearance! Once again we made the quick trip to the hospital and 5 hours later we were on our way home again. Brendan Cole, you are such a blessing to us, we love you more than you could ever know!

June, A beautiful month of watching the fields and gardens grow and going on our first camping trip of the year with Henry and Megan. I also learnt that I would be becoming an auntie again sometime in December! ( Thanks Henry and Megan)

July, Warm weather, watching the kids play in their blow up pool and more camping trips with friends.

August, Started to enjoy the fruit of the garden, teaching the kids all about how we can grow our own food, Andy was amazed when he learnt that there was corn in the garden! Lots of fruits and veggies were canned and frozen. Oh and how could I forget harvest?! What a busy, wonderful time of year! The time of year where Kerri and I can do anything! :) I love working with you Kerri, you are a very special friend to me!

September, Harvest was finished and field work began. I found out that I would be becoming an auntie again, sometime in April! (Thanks Ryan and Yvonne)

October, Thanksgiving, and we had no shortage of things to be thankful for! I so enjoy the time of year where we look back and reflect on all that we have been blessed with!

November, We celebrated the birthdays of Andrew and Makayla, and rejoiced in the blessing that they are to us. Josh's family took a trip down south so for 20 days we were in charge of the milking, the chickens and the farm, all went well but we were glad to have them back!

December, Josh was finally able to spend some time inside, I love having him inside all day, and so do the kids, when our family is together everything is good!

And that brings us back to January, a brand new year with new blessings to be enjoyed, new memories to be made. 
May you have  a very blessed new year from our home to yours!!