Friday, September 26, 2014

Harvest #2

The next harvest post is about what happens at home.
I head over to help Kerri with supper around 2:30. I make the dessert and then help with whatever else needs to be done.
Then we take turns, one of us brings out the supper and the other feeds the kids at home.
After everyone has eaten one of us goes out to get the dirty dishes from the field, we get them all cleaned up then we put all the kids to bed, or if we have time sit down and rest for a bit till its bed time. :)
After that I go out and milk the cows with one the boys.
Once we get in from milking I go out to ride with Josh, unless he has someone helping him, then Kerri and I watch a movie and talk till it's late.
Then we either go to bed, or make something to bring out to the hard workers in the field.
Once everyone has their snack we head home, clean up, and then I go home and wait for Josh, and we quickly go to bed before it's morning again. :)
And thats pretty much how each day goes.
Of course all this gets done in between phone calls, giving rides, bringing out diesel, running errands,  going to town, keeping the house clean and the kids under control.
Our harvest life is never dull or boring, it is a time where we all come together, everyone doing their part, weather it's big or small so that together we can get the job done!
We thank God for the harvest that He blessed us with this year, for sunshine and warm weather, even though we had to wait for it some days. For protection when there are many different machines running around. For strength to stay awake all hours of the night. For FAMILY, someone that you can rely on, talk to, laugh with, work hard with, and get harvest done with!!!!

Making rolls for supper.

Baking rolls for supper.

Kerri working

Oops, this is Kerri working. I'm not sure how that other picture got in this post! :)

Yummy veggies.

Going into a shepherds pie. Oh and this is where I mention that Kerri is an amazing cook!! She can not only whip up a meal to feed a large number of people, she makes it taste super duper delicious!!

Cake for dessert.

Plates waiting to be filled.
We put everyones name on their plate and then each combine/truck/swather driver gets a box with all the food in it for them and who ever is riding with them.
It make everything a lot easier to figure out in the field.

Filling plates.

Everyone's boxes being filled.
Kerri and I also have a list of all the things that go into each box,
plate of food
corn on the cob
and whatever else they might need.

The staying at home kids getting their supper.

Brendan is always happy when it's time to eat. :)

Friends! Kaya, Kayla and Brooke.



The boxes back from the field. Ready to be cleaned out, washed out and put aside till tomorrow.

This year one of the weeks of harvest was rather on the cold side, we had 2 or 3 mights of frost! So hot chocolate was brought out on those night to help keep everyone warm. Even the person that didn't like hot chocolate learnt to like it because her tractor didn't have heat and so she gave in and decided it wasn't as bad as she thought. Right Jen?! :)

Kerri is working again! :) This time at a later hour, like 1 am. :)

Frying up apple fritters to take out to the field.

And thats kinds sorta how our days at home went!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Fall!!!

I'm going to interrupt our harvest posting to say "happy first day of Fall everyone"
It's been a beautiful Fall so far, and the next week looks great, so we are happy that Fall is here!!

While Josh has been out harrowing we decided to fill up one evening and take some pictures with the beautiful Fall colours.

Miss Faith

Brendan getting ready for his turn.


He thought this might be a better spot to sit. :)

The 3 kiddos of mine.


Best friends!

My little monkey


My favourite little people in the whole world!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Harvest 2014 Part 1

Harvest this year was interesting to say the least! The year started off with rain and very few dry days. So the firsts bunch of combining was done wet and in muddy fields. Then after it got dark the guys would head out to the swathers and swath canola all night long. Needless to say they got just a wee bit tired!
Thankfully once we got to combining the canola the weather was dryer and we were able to go for many hours in a day, they were even able to go all night the one night which was a first for our farm.
After 1 month and 2 days we are able to say that we are DONE!!
We praise the Lord for a safe and fruitful harvest. Once agin He has blessed so richly!!

There are many pictures of our harvest so I'll just start with some today.
Of course riding with someone is the most exciting thing ever! And our kids were able to get in a few rides here and there.

Andy and Auntie Jen in the tractor with the grain cart. 
Great job to Jen for spending many, many hours in that tractor! You are very talented and hard working, so proud of all you did girl!!

So much fun!!!

Kayla getting a ride with Daddy in the grain truck.

She didn't want to stand still for her picture.

Exciting boys after watching/riding.

The next day they were ready to go again!

Josh drives the grain truck so he comes to the yard a lot, which is nice for the kids to go watch, and sneak in a ride or two.

Brendan, ever fascinated with everything thats going on.

Andy learning from his Daddy.

Goofy kids!

A cute (and dirty) little face.

My 3 favourite kids!

Getting ready to get another load.

More dirty faces.

Out in the field.