Monday, March 30, 2015

Spruce Woods #4

Things Do While You Are Camping:

Changinga flat tire on your camper, not fun, but sometimes necessary. 

Sitting around and doing absolutely nothing!

Helping your auntie make ice tea.

Being surprised that you're in a picture. :)

Stirring veggies and drinking coffee.

EATING!!!!! And smiling!

Throwing glow sticks at night.

Water gun fights.

And of course taking family pictures! :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spruce Woods #3

When we go camping my Mom likes to make these amazing meals!
The second morning all the guys went for an early golf run. Once all the kids were up we enjoyed DELICIOUS yogurt parfaits that mom made, sooooo good!!

After that we did some singing with lots of actions! :)

And just walked around being cool. :)

For lunch we had something really yummy again, Im not sure but I think it was chicken wraps. 

After lunch while we played volley ball Grampa and Grama sent some time in the sand wight the grandkids. They had a blast!

And we blew and pooped some more bubbles.

Then we had supper, another campfire with a lot of visiting and s'mores and went to bed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Camping at Spruce Woods #2

Our second day we enjoyed beautiful sunshine and warm weather!
The older "kids" played volley ball, we spent may hours doing this and playing ultimate frisbee. :)

Yes the net was just a little low. :)

While we did that Grama was kept busy in the sand box with the little kids. They loved it!

We spent some time making food, really yummy food!

Playing with play dough while we get supper ready.
My parents had brought a huge dining tent that was pretty much misquote free which was really nice for the kids!

That evening we headed out to a stampede not far from where we were staying. It was a cool, windy, rainy evening and we didn't stay till the end. Put the kids really enjoyed what they did get to see!
After we got back we but the kids to bed and sat around the warm fire talking and drinking hot chocolate.