Monday, October 21, 2013

Just Growing

Who would have thought that 5 1/2 months could go by so quickly?! Mile stone after mile stone has been reached and still time will not slow down. 
The only conclusion I have reached is that it gives me all the more reason to make the very most of everyday with my little ones, to cherish every cuddle, every smile, the laughter and the hugs, the "I love you mommies'. To never take the every day things for granted, but to enjoy each simple mommy task to it's fullest.

So all this to say that for supper today Brendan had his first real table food, chicken noodle soup!! He had been eating baby cereal for awhile already, but today we took it to the next level, and after the first bite he enjoyed it immensely! 

Enjoy your babies!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fruits From the Garden!

I have been trying to get the pictures for this post loaded since last week already... :) 
So ya, last week we were enjoying a beautiful day, I wasn't planning on digging up our potatoes and carrots, but the weather man was saying that we were going to get rain and cold weather after that, and he was right! 
So after changing my mind, putting Brendan down for a nap and grabbing some bags the kids and I headed out to the garden and got busy. The kids were super helpers! I didn't put a single potato into a bag, they did a wonderful job! And before we knew it we were done! :) No it really didn't take very long, and the rewards are ever so yummy!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Seeing Daddy

Yesterday Josh started anhydrousing. When you anhydrous you can go as late as you want and start as early as you like. With these hours the kids don't get to see their Daddy a whole lot. So this morning we packed up some chicken sandwiches and headed out to the field.

Here he comes!!!

Excitement ran high when they could finally see the tractor!

Lots of calling out "bye Daddy" and waving was done!

And then we left again.
 Maybe tomorrow we can head out again for a quick glimpse of their hero.