Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our First Anniversary

Well... it's been one whole year! All I can say is that so much has happened since February 28 2009. I am married to the most wonderful person I know, I am so blessed!!
Since I never did post any pictures of our wedding I asked Megan to fix some up for me, which she gladly did, so here they are.

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I love you Josh!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Beca!

Hey This is Megan (Rebecca's Sis-in-law) and I am Hacking Rebeccas blog cause I have somthing VERY inportent to tell you all.... Today is Rebecca's 22nd birthday!
I would like ALL (do you notice the ALL part? :) of Rebecca's blog readers to wish her a HAPPY HAPPY birthday. Please don't be shy..go ahead and comment I know that she will would LOVE it !

I am SO thankful that God put Rebecca in our family, I could not have asked for any better...She IS the BESTEST sis-in-law in the WORLD!

Here are a few pictures of her for you to enjoy...

They day she married Josh :)

Shelling peas...while Josh is working on the tractor.

In Israel on their honeymoon

Ummmm....Hard working girl?!?!?!?!?!

And that is as much time she could spend away from Josh...So now here are some pictures of her and Josh for you to enjoy :)

Day before there wedding...Don't she just look SO happy? :)

NOTICE: They are KISSING! such a rare sight...ok maybe NOT!
HaPpY hApPy Birthday My dear sweet Sis-in-law!

Did I tell you that Rebecca is the BESTEST Sis-in-law in the hole world ( So sorry if I had...It is just so true :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

For Those Of You That Are Reading....

Life at home has been going very good, we are really enjoying living in the country once again and spending every day with our family. Andrew has been doing very good, he is growing alot and now weighed 9 lbs and 1 oz and was 20 inches long last week Tuesday when we went to see the Dr. for a check up.

He is starting to be awake more and more, especially in the evening, which is really nice cause it helps him sleep better during the night. He loves looking at people and when he hears Josh's voice he looks at him right away, its so cute!

He smiles alot, but its during his sleep, :) he has given me one smile, it was so precious!

We ask that you would continue to remember Andrew in your prayers, he has an appointment for his eyes to be looked at on the 22, and they want to look at his bum to see if they will need to do surgery or not on the 24. Then on March 2 he gos in for an MRI of his neck to make sure that the lump is not growing and right after that he has a surgery to remove his hernia. So please pray that everything will work out and for wisdom for the doctors and strength for Josh and I, Thank you!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life At Home

Well now that we are at home I no longer have Internet access so posts will not be as often. But we have really been enjoying being at home!!! It is so much more relaxing and now we can be a real family. Andrew as been enjoying life at home ( I think ) :) He has been having some trouble with sleeping during the day and being awake at night, but we are working on getting that turned around.
He is still growing, he weighed 8 lbs and 7 ozs when we came home and I'm sure he has gained since. He still throws up through his nose and his mouth but not as much as he used to and he also clears up on his own pretty good. We have an appointment with his Doctor on Tuesday so we'll see what he has to say about AJ's progress.

Other than that we are getting used to this new way of life, and loving every minute of it!! WE thank you once again for all of your prayers, and we ask that you would please continue to pray that Andrew will grow strong and stay healthy. And that Josh and I would be giving the wisdom and strength as we raise up this precious little miracle.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We Are Home!!!!!!

I am over joyed to announce to you that Andrew was able to go home today! We don't really have words to describe our feelings right now, it is hard to believe that after 3 months we are finally back to real life!

We still have not been at home, both of our families got together for a big welcome home supper. It is so great to be back with all our loved ones, knowing that we are here to stay!

We thank each one of you for lifting us up to the Lord all this time, We have been strengthened through your prayers. We ask God's blessings on you and may you also continue to pray that Andrew will grow strong and healthy and that Josh and I will have a wisdom to raise him for the Lord.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

At Last!!!

Today I got a wonderful phone call from the NICU ward; the nurse said that Andrew had passed his car seat test which he had last night, so they had taken all his monitors off and Lord willing he will be going ome on Thursday!! We are very excited to say the least!
This next night Josh and I will be staying at the hospital, they have a room where we can stay and we will spend our first night with Andrew that way if we need anything the nurses will be right there. It should be interesting. :)
Then on Wednesday Andrew has 2 appiontments, one for his eyes and the other I not sure, and that brings us to Thursday!
We ask that you would continue to pray that everything will go as planned, Thank you!
PS I was going to put in a picture but the internet is not letting me, sorry!