Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Florida Trip 2015

For many months Josh and I and some friends of our from church had been planning an RV trip down to Texas sometime in January. We were all excited to go and get out of the cold for awhile. 
2 weeks before our planned trip there were some change of plans and Texas fell through. 
But since we had already found baby sitters for our kids (thank you Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles!!!!) and we all had the time off we decided to look into booking a trip to Florida. We found some really good deals and 2 weeks later we took off! 
After having endured 2 weeks of -40 or lower is was amazing to walk out of the airport in Orlando and into beautiful sunny weather!!!
We had an hours drive to our place, and it was gorgeous! We unpacked and went for supper and then got some groceries for our stay there. Our place was so quiet, and yet only a few mins away from a lot of stores and fun things to do.
We were so glad that we were able to go and we made the most of every day that we had!

The building that we stayed in, we had a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom place with a dining room, finished kitchen and living room.

And palm trees!!!!!! (I kinda really like palm trees!) :)

I could have taken pictures of flowers all day long, so pretty and so neat to see them in the Winter!

The view from our deck.

Walking to the pool. We had a few pools and hot tubs, which we made very good use of! As well as tennis court, which I don't have pictures of cause you can't very well play tennis and take pictures at the same time. :)

Off to the sir of the pool was the beach and a walk way onto the water, it was beautiful!


Our second day we headed out and us girls got our nails done while the guys went golfing, on our way back we passed a fruit stand and stopped in, it was well worth it!! The fruit tasted amazing!!

The next day was sunny and warm, +25, and we spent it in the perfect way, Aquatica, a huge park full of water slides, wave pools, a beach and many fun things to do!

Some really cute porpoises that you could watch, they also had a water slide going through the aquarium.

They had palm trees too. :)

And macaws. 

One of the water slides, yes we did that too. :)

And some beautiful plants and flowers. 

We had a wonderful and tiring day, and went home with empty tummies and sun burnt faces. That was fixed with a yummy supper of spaghetti meat sauce and salad, and lots of alovera and lotion. :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Summer Memories

Last Summer we were able to go on a few camping trips, I just never had time to blog the pictures, so heres our first camping trip of 2014.

We headed out to Portage with some friends of ours from church.

The kids the first night there, waiting for the Dads to get the campers all set up.
Miles, Andy, Kayla, Brendan, Leah

We did some swimming.

Lots of playing.

And eating. :)

After we left the camp ground we stopped in a at park where we were able to feed some deer, the kids loved it!