Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Taylor Brianne

2 Weeks Old.
2 weeks of baby snuggles, the smell of newborn baby skin, sleepless nights, lazy days, tiny baby cries.
2 weeks of being in awe at how blessed we are to have you in our family.
Taylor Brianne joined our family on December 15 and we have been making the most of every day since then. So much so that I haven't got around to blogging about her at all yet!

I will never get tired of newborn baby snuggles,

Her beautiful eyes...

Perfect hands...

Sweet faces...

Tiny toes...

I will never grow tired of loving you!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cookie Time!

With Christmas coming we like to do some special Christmas baking.
So the other night after supper was cleaned up the kids and I got busy and mixed up a batch of my Gramas yummy jam jams.
When Im busy in the kitchen there is never a lack of helping hands! :)

Cracking eggs

Reading the recipe. :)

Mixing the dough

Cutting out the cookies

Its really hard to stay off the table when you're making cookies!

Ready to bake

After cooling and filling them with jam we all had a taste. Actually by the time they made it to the freezer there were not that many left. :)

We are still waiting for the baby to arrive! The kids have all decided that tomorrow is the day. :) So we will see. Im feeling great, just ready to have this baby! 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Vacation Time!!

So a bunch of months ago friends of ours invited us to join them at Elkhorn Resort for a week. 
Of course we couldn't say no, even though it was close to our due date. :)
So 2 weeks ago we packed our van up to the roof and headed out.
We had an amazing week, just relaxing, hanging out and being together, it was really nice to do something together before the baby came.

We had our own 2 bedroom place, it was super nice!

Coming in from the entrance to the kitchen.

Kitchen, I really liked the bar, and kids loved it for watching what was going on in the kitchen, and yet they were out of the way. :)

Dining room.

Living room, complete with a fire place.

The master bedroom, yes it was a really nice tub! :)

And we even had an upstairs, it was just one big bedroom where we had the kids sleep, they slept really well!

We spent many hours at the pool, the kids had a blast. Of course we went first thing after we got there and had unpacked and eaten supper.
Kayla off to the pool in her bathing suit. :)

Brendan's favourite spot was the hot tub, or bath tub as he called it. At first we couldn't get him out of there, and even after we did he always came back ever few mins to warm up. :)

Andy's favourite part was the water slide, I wish I could have counted how many times the kids went down it, it was no wonder they were so tired at the end of the day!

While Kayla also did her fair share of sliding she got really brave this time around and was jumping i to the deeper water and swimming around on her own, she swam a lot while we were there.

When we finally got Brendan out of the hot tub and onto the slide he loved it!

Also jumping in and splashing Daddy. :)

One afternoon we headed out the their toboggan hill, it was a beautiful day and the kids had a lot of fun there too!
Many rides down.

And many walks back up. :)

After sledding we went to see the horses.

And then we went back and relaxed. :)
Josh made very sure that I took it easy, which I did, and the baby waited to come, and is still waiting now. :)
I have everything crossed of my list now, and since its Sunday evening that means only 2 more days till Wednesday!!