Friday, June 29, 2012

Spraying Time

Now that the fields ar getting bigger the guys ar out there spraying fugiside, why? To keep away the fungis :) It helps the crop to yield better.

So today Andrew and I went out to the field to bring Josh his lunch, and to take some pictures.

 Andrew waiting as patiently as a 2 year old can wait. :)

Here he comes!!!

Dad drives the big truck with water and cemical.

Adding the cemical...

and the water.

Filled up and ready to go agian.

Off he goes!

You been farming long? :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer = Camping

Sorry about not posting in such a long time, Summer is here and so is the busy season.
We have really been enjoying the nice weather, the garden is growing (so are the weeds) :)
The first round of spraying is done and Josh started on the second one yesterday, the crops are looking great!
We have been blessed with timely rains so far for which we are very thankful!
Kayla and Andrew are loving the outdoors and are always happy when we go outside.
Josh's family went on a camping trip this weekend so we are at home keeping the fort and milking the cows.
And we are planning to go camping this week, leaving tomorrow so I figured I should really post these camping pictures before then. :)
We had our first camping trip of the year last weekend, we asked Henry and Megan to join us and even though the weather was not very warm we had a blast! After 3 days of trying to get the pictures loaded I finally got it done, but then the computer completely mixed them up and I don't feel like changing them so they will just be in random order.
Megan doing what she always does best!

Josh and Andrew enjoying Mac and cheese for supper.

Megan also eats sometimes, :) (for those of you who thought all she does is take pictures)

Henry enjoying a s'more.

Part of our family.

Henry and Megan trying to roast marshmallows. :)

A camping staple!!

Kayla and Uncle Henry warming up by the fire. Kayla wasn't quite sure of Henry. :)

The guys enjoying the playground.

Andrew enjoying the playground.

Waiting for his supper.

Roasting hot dogs.


Eating at last!

Kayla just happy to be outside.

Andrew trying to get the marshmallow off of his fingers.

They were a sticky mess but it was worth it. :)

All cleaned up!

My 3 favorite people in the world!!

Going for a walk.

At the beach.

The guys trying to keep from getting lost. :)

Thanks for joining us Henry and Megan, we had a super fun time!! :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Bringing The Cows To The Pasture

It's that time of year again, getting the cows out of the yard and into the pasture, an exciting day for us and for them. :)

The truck being loaded.

Josh and Jen deciding who goes where.

The cows waiting their turn.

Getting them loaded.

Off they go!!

Jen keeping track of everything. :)

And Andrew and Makayla watching and enjoying the sunshine.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Planting Flowers

Yesterday was such a warm day the kids and I got busy and filled all our flower beds. I so enjoy having them both outside with me, of course work doesn't get done as fast, but it's a lot more fun! :) 

Makayla enjoyed playing outside, just being happy and cute. :)

Andrew was a big help, he was bringing me flowers much faster then I could ever plant them. :)

Then in the evening I got a few pictures of our kiddos.

Hope you all are enjoying your Summer!!