Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

Back to last Fall.
When it was warm outside,
There was a lot of dust,
Supper was brought to the field every day,
There was lots of work to do,
Baths were needed at the end of every day,
And you didn't worry about what your hair looked like. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Florida #5

Our last day in Florida we headed to Down Town Disney (cause it was free) :)
It was a nice to walk around and do some window shopping.
We met some of our church friends there and went out for supper after.

A hot balloon ride that I wanted to do. (kinda) :) But didn't.

There were many cool restaurants and stores.

A dinosaur store.

And they had a lego store, full of life sized things made out of lego.

 This store was a lot of fun, so many, many toys!!


And we found out how many more days till Christmas! :)

And I had to get a picture of this beautiful tree!

Florida was amazing!!! I wouldn't think twice if I had the chance to go again!! We made so many memories, ate lots of food, we were able to go and see and do things that I had never done before, have a week together with mu husband and our friends,  and it was WARM!!!! Florida was so Beautiful, if you have the chance, go!!! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Florida #4

Saturday was our coolest day there. It was a bit breezy and not sunny the whole entire time. :)
We slept in and then played tennis for a few hours. It was perfect weather for that!
In the afternoon we headed out to the coolest mini golf Ive ever seen! It was a lot of fun!!
After golf we went for supper and then back to our place for some hot tub time a mover and cards.

Oh, and I facially got to see alligators!!!!!! They were just baby ones, but still pretty cool!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Florida #3

Friday we went to Seaworld!!! It was on the top of my list so I was super excited!!
And it didn't disappoint, we had a great time seeing many animals and learning about them too.

We were met by the flamingos, they were much pinker than any that I had ever seen, so pretty!

Next were the sting rays, so gross! :) They feel like soft smooth squishy rubber.

This a baby sting ray.

And this a not baby sting ray.

You could feed them so they would come up on the side, not the prettiest looking animal Ive ever seen.

The park itself was gorgeous!!!! So well taken care of, many beautiful flowers trees and bushes.

Then we saw some pretty pink, stinky birds. :)

And went to look at the sharks.

After that we went to catch some shows, the dolphin show was first, and totally amazing!!!! These animals are really cool!!

Next was the killer whale show, also amazing!! Such big animals!!!

After the show we went to see them swimming in their accqurium, they are amazingly huge!!!!

After that we saw walrus 

Sea turtles.

We found Nemo

And Dorry.

We stopped for some pictures cause it was so pretty.

And we got our pictures draw, this guy was really talented!

We saw sea loins and lots of birds. :)

Catching a fish.

Manatees are really huge!!

 Star fish


Sea urchin. 

Our last stop was the dolphin nursery, I wanted to just stay here and watch for the rest of the day, dolphins are so cute, friendly and playful, so fun to watch!!