Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Party Time!

Brendan's birthday happened to be a rainy day. Or a rainy afternoon anyway. Brendan was able to spend some time riding with Daddy in the tractor before the rain started. Then he came home and picked tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch.
After lunch we opened gifts and enjoyed the rain!

Birthday boy smiles! 

Gifts from his sister.

Yes he got a very loud horn, yes I was sorry we bought it for him, yes I did drop it and it broke, no it wasn't on purpose, yes Im glad its no longer around. :)

 A wagon!

For supper took Brendan to McDonalds, his favourite place to eat french fries!
After supper we went to a bouncy house and bounced and bounced and bounced!!!

After we got home he had one more gift to open.

This one got moved outside the next day! :)

Other smile!

We waited till the next day to have cake.

No I didn't decorate it cause well... sometime its just as good with icing, sprinkles and ice cream! :)

The sparklers freaked them out, which was fun for me. :)

See, its just as good this way. :)

Looking for the sprinkles.

Happy birthday Brendan, we love to the moon and back!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Brendan!

Brendan, you are such a blessing to our family!
I cant imagine our life with out you. You bring some much joy and laughter, your silly grins, the funny things that you say. You are a very determined little guy and you know how you want things done! You love to play with your brother and sister, but you also like to tell them what to do. :)
You really, really like riding in the tractor with Daddy and are always watching all the action on the yard from as close as you can be.
We love you so much Brendan and pray that you become a man after Gods heart!

Brendan just few minutes old, my biggest baby yet! :)

Meeting Andy

And Kayla

That charming little smile just melts my heart!

Celebrating your 1st birthday with a smash cake!

Cleaning up.

One of  your favourite places to be, in the field with Daddy!

Helping out in the kitchen.


Smiling with auntie Jenny.

Yummy ice cream treats.

Smiles with Janelle.

Brotherly love!