Monday, October 22, 2012

Hanging Out in the Kitchen

Saturday night Andrew and Kayla joined me in the kitchen and we baked cookies together. I didn't pictures of the actual cookie making but I did pictures of the best part...licking icing off of the beaters!!! :)

I have been feeling very good, the morning sickness has run it's course and we are now all eating and doing well. I am just over 3 months along and ready for maternity clothes. :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

11 Months Old!!

It's hard to believe that 11 months ago we brought home a tiny little 7 lb. baby girl, all rapped up in pink. Now shes getting so big! And she never sits still! :) She is not walking or crawling, although she is close to both, she bum scoots to wherever she needs to be then she gets up and walks along everything. Andy and her love playing together and I love watching them!
We love you Kayla!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Fun!!

Today is special day, Zach's 12th birthday! Happy birthday Zach! Well his sisters were so kind as to invite us to a wiener roast that they were having to celebrate. It was beautiful weather, the kids really enjoyed it and we had a great time!!
Everything ready, waiting to be eaten. :)

Zach and Caleb roasting hot dogs.

Jaden ready to dig in.

Andrew filling his tummy.

Two little cuties.

Everything tastes better outside!

Licking up all that ketchup. :)

2 sweethearts, Jen and Elijah.

Playing after lunch.

Josh has been busy anhydrousing the past bunch of days, he has been gone all day so we miss him dearly and can't wait for him to finish! All my outside Fall work is done except digging potatoes and carrots. We have been enjoying some nice weather this week but it looks like there might be rain coming our way, which would be a big blessing!! Well the kids need to be put to bed!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Baking Together

We took these pictures awhile ago and I had never got around to blogging them, so here they are.
Andrew measuring...


Putting in the muffin liners...

filling them with batter...

Waiting for the muffins to bake...

Ready for a taste!!!

And Miss Faith watching from her favourite spot, the kitchen sink. :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

 I'm thankful to my Lord who has blessed me with so very much!!!
For the blood of Jesus. For the love of God. For a relationship with my Saviour.
But also for the many blessings that He has given me.
For a sweet, beautiful daughter, Makayla Faith

A silly, fun loving son, Andrew.

A super wonderful husband who cares for me, supports me and loves me completely.

Sweet sisters.

More than enough food to enjoy!!

Yummy pumpkin pie.

And my family, for the wonderful times we have together, for laughter, love, friendships and many memories. I AM SO BLESSED!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We love this family!

Last week I got a text from one of my sisters asking if the kids and I wanted to join them on a hike and picnic. Well we are always up to a fun way to enjoy our day, so we said yes, got ready and left!
We headed out to one of our pastures, unloaded and followed Mom through the cow poop :) It was a beautiful day, perfect for walking!
Making our way into the pasture. :)
All the kiddos.
Watching the cows.
Miss Ker Ker was so sweet and carried Miss Kayla, and that's not an easy job! :) But Kayla loved it!
Best buds, Jaden and Andrew, Andy spend most of the time saying cheese!!!!!
Sugar for his nephew.
OOPS! :)
Up on the hill by the dug out.
Watching everyone else.
Auntie Jen teaching Andy how to throw rocks into the water.
And once he got started he didn't want to stop. :)
Nate posing for me. :)
After hiking we headed up Star Mound hill for a picnic and some more fun.
Kerri getting lunch ready. :)
Everyone enjoying the picnic.
My sweet little brother!
Makayla and Elijah.
Fun on the playground... Nathan and Andrew.
Zach and Jaden.
The sisters/aunties singing with the kids.
In the old school house on Star Mound. Everyone saying cheese!!

Raise your hand! :)
Josiah and Andrew.
Thank you guys for a fun day!! We love spending time with you and are very blessed to be a part of your lives! We love you!!!