Thursday, October 28, 2010

{ SNOW }

Yesterday we got our first snow!! Even Andrew noticed the difference, (I think) :)
This afternoon we went outside and I took these pictures.

Until next time, stay warm everyone!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Boy

Can anyone guess why Andrew is so happy?

Here are some clues...

He is watching something...

...He is being entertained...

...And he is enjoying every minute of it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Some More Fall Work

Starting last week Thursday Josh has been out in the field what seems like ALL the time anhydrousing. For those of you who don't know what that means he is putting nitrogen/fertilizer into the ground to help the crop grow better next Spring.
Last year I went along all the time, but due to a certain little someone I stay at home except for meals and once in a while when I feel like bothering his Aunties. :)
So here is the tractor, Josh says it's his 'home' away from home. :)

And this is the tiller and the anhydrous tank. Oh and Josh under the tiller unplugging one of the spouts.

This the whole set-up.

On Saturday I went along for a bit and got these pictures. Because of all the sunshine we have been having we don't have much of a sun set, but it's OK, because the sunshine is wonderful!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Fall Job

Last week we got one of the more not so fun Fall jobs done. Josh, my brother Reuben and our neighbor were in the tractors pulling manure spreaders, and Dad was loading them.
After 2 days of loading, unloading, bumping in the tractor and a lot of smelliness they finished!!!
For those of you that have never had the privilege of manure spreading here is how it's done:
You load the manure (from the cows that lived in the corals all Winter) into the manure spreaders
You drive out to the field and spread the manure all over.
Then you come back and do it all over again.

Then after we were all done Josh got to wash the tractor. And I got to wash his clothes. :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flash Back Friday

I'm not sure if this counts as a flash back Friday, but I was looking through our pictures, saw these and remembered that I had never posted them yet, so here goes!
This is 5 months ago, when Andrew went in for his hernia surgery. After trying to get it done 3 times but always canceling it due to Andy having a cold it was nice to get it done.
Andy was sedated around 1pm then they did the MRI of his neck and right after that he was brought to surgery. We were so thankful that they could do both at the same time. Surgery went well except that they had trouble getting the breathing tube down him throat. So they got the Ear Nose and Throat Specialist to come and see him. Somewhere between the surgeon and the specialist we were forgotten about, both thinking that the other would let us know when we could see Andrew. So we ended up waiting for almost 3 hours! We did a lot of thinking and praying in those 3 hours, because we had no idea what they had found ect...
But at 6:45 we got to go and see our baby. He was doing good, the specialist had not found anything, and the surgery had gone well. I got to hold him for a bit which was great!!
The next morning we went back and we were both able to hold him, he was moved out of NICU into the regular recovery room. He was off of all monitors but still had the nasal prongs on, notice I said on, not in. :) He still had not forgotten how to push those things out of the way. :)
By 5 that afternoon he was discharged and we once again had our baby back. It was so nice to be able to leave the hospital after 1 night instead of 90. :)
Now for the pictures... sorry about them being blurry or dark, they were taken on Josh's phone.
Andy waiting his turn in the MRI, just before they put him to sleep, by this point he was VERY hungry and he took his soother, something he did not normally do.

Getting to hold him after the surgery, it brought back MANY memories!!! He looked to helpless!!

The next day, Andy and Daddy, just waiting till he can go home!!


Notice the prongs? :)

So happy to have my baby back!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Megan!!!!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest photographer that I know!!
You are a very special sis-in-law, not to mention a wonderful Auntie!!!

We love you dearly and pray that you will have a blessed year!!

Love Josh Becca and Andrew

P.S. Megan has some really sweet pictures of Andrew on her blog, to see them go here.