Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Harvest Memories

Bringing Daddy his lunch is the highlite of this little girls day.

Mommy! It's Daddy, see!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Day in Our Harvest Life part 2

So now I take you out to the field...
But it all starts in the yard bright and early every morning.

Following Daddy around while he gets the combines ready.


Caleb washing the windows.

Getting everything ready for a long day in the field.

More greasing.

Picking flowers for Daddy,

And they are out on the field!

This year we got a "new" combine. We traded it for our old case and one john deer, but before we did that we got to try it out, which meant we had 4 combines going, keeping Jen, the grain cart driver and Josh and his helper the truckers, very busy!

Here she (?) comes!!

Mom in her combine.

Grandpa driving his case.

Caleb in the other john deere.

Jen in the tractor.

Switching over to canola.

Kerri and Eli waiting for a ride.

It was very dusty that day, although most harvest days are dusty. :)


Back from a ride.

And we're back to wheat! Just in case you're wondering these pictures were not all taking the same day, we are fast but not that fast! :)

Enjoying the sunset.

A bunch of the days our other Grampa came over and he and Josh went swathing while the others were combining, just cause we like being busy. :)

Andy and I went to the field to take aadvantage of the sunset. That evening they were just filling the trucks so they just had the one combine out.

Andy couldn't get enough of it!

Mom riding along. It is a fun combine to ride in, I even got a turn!

And that's our harvest time, busy, tiring, hectic but fun and oh so rewarding!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Day in Our Harvest Life

Well, harvest has once again come and gone, after it's over it seems like it went so fast. We are very proud of all the people that put in extra long hours in the field, it was Kerri's and my pleasure to keep you all fed and as happy as possible. :)
One of our busy days I decided to make Kerri do alittle more of the work, while I carried the camera around. :)
So here is a glimpse into one of our harvest days...

We find a recipe for dessert, or ask for suggestions :) Mix it up and get it ready to go.

Any recipe with cream chesse is yummy!

Taking time to smile.

Kerri cutting up meat for the stew for supper. Kerri is a super great food maker person!

Some smiles from the boys.

Making cucumber salad.

Brooke pealing potatoes.

Fresh lemonade. (kinda fresh anyway) :)

Getting dessert ready, there is never a shortage of helpers!

All this food making makes for a bunch of dirty dishes!

So then you need to spend some time washing them.

Time for some more smiles.

Making biscuts

Then we pick out containers everyones food to go into.

We write eveyones names on tape,

Then stick the tape on the contianers so that everyone knows what is theirs.

We line them all up so that we can just walk along and fill up the plates.

Dishing out stew.

All the boxes ready to go!

While I'm out bringing everyone their food, Kerri is at home feeding the kids, then I get back I bring a lot of this. :)

And we wash more dishes.

After the dishes are done we all climb in the truck and head to the field to pick up the kids that were riding along, we usually take pictures of the combines and so on too, and those pictures are coming in the next post.

Lots of smiles!! Lots of laughing!! Lots of work to do!! Lots of fun!!
We are so thankful for the harvest!!