Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pregnancy #4

As we get to the end of this pregnancy I am once again amazed by the fact that we have been chosen to be the parents to another blessing. 
To be trusted to train this child, protect him/her and one day have the opportunity to lead them to Christ.
I never take for granted the large task that comes with parenting, but I do enjoy every minute of it!
We are blessed so with the 3 kids and cant wait to meet this little one!

We are packed and ready to leave for our vacation tomorrow morning, and will be getting back on the 30 of November, so Im hoping that this baby doesn't decide to come to early! :)
So far I have been feeling great, some braxton hicks here and there, the baby is dropping and is head down, so it basically just waiting left to do!

Back in October Josh's sweet sister Megan took our maternity pictures.
She did a flawless job once again, thanks Megan, you're the best!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

37 weeks

We are down to 3 weeks left!!!!
The kids can hardly wait.
Every day I have one of them giving me ideas on how to get the baby out :)
They remind me that I'm getting really fat. :)
They have many different name ideas
I get lots of help from them getting the nursery ready and many other little jobs
Yesterday Kayla and I washed all the baby clothes and got the nursery all ready
All thats left do now is pack the diaper bag and my bag for the hospital
But first we are taking a mini family vacation to Elk Horn, so no count down happening yet. :)

I am feeling great, less tired than with my other pregnancies, which is rather nice! :)
This baby is still moving around A LOT, which means that I'm sharing even more of the space where my ribs and bladder are, but whatever keeps the baby happy! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Count Down and a Birthday

The app says 35 day.
Yup, 35. 
I double checked it because it seems like it should be more!
But its not, and we are getting closer and closer to meeting this special little person, and I cant wait!
We had an appointment yesterday and everything looked and sounded great!
The head is down, the heart rate is 140 and the kicking and poking are continuing.
I have been feeling great! So far I don't need to have a lot of naps (if I go to bed like a Grama) :)
I am so thankful that I have energy to be up and around and enjoy this time of life!
I was looking through my pictures and found the ones of me at 35 weeks with the other kids, well not Andrew, but here are ones of him 5 weeks old so its kinda the same thing.
And seeing as today is Andy'd birthday we are thinking back to this tome anyway.
When I look at pictures of Andrew in the hospital its hard to believe how far he has come!
We are so thankful for the many prayers that have been answered and that God chose us to be the parents to the special guy!

Andrew, 5 weeks old.

And now 6 years later, Andy is a wonderful big brother to Brendan and Kayla.
He loves to play outside, and with one of his siblings or Uncles, he hardly ever plays by himself.

He loves school and has been doing great in kindergarten this year!
He enjoys helping out with chores around the house, and he is usually taking orders from his little sister. :)

He loves to ride in the tractor or combine with Daddy or Grampa.
He has a very kind heart and is looking forward to the new baby.
We love you Andrew, and pray that you grow closer to God in the coming year!

And back to the 35 weeks pictures. :)


And baby number 4.