Saturday, January 21, 2012

(: Smiles :)

Makayla started smiling at 3 weeks, but she liked to save them a lot back then. In the last 3 weeks she as started smiling and cooing all the time, it's so cute!!

These pictures were taken when she was supposed to be sleeping. :)

And this Kayla smiling for Daddy, he is favorite person so he gets extra big smiles.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Makayla Faith 2 Months Old

Wow, 2 months have gone by so fast! We have enjoyed every day of it and continue to thank God for our beautiful baby girl.
Kayla is doing great, eating, sleeping, growing and smiling, all those fun baby things. She weighs around 10 pounds and started wearing 0-3 months clothes last week. She is not sleeping through the night, but I am blessed by a husband and family that see to it that I take time for naps, thanks you guys!
We headed over to see aunty Megan yesterday and in 20 minutes we had these lovely pictures, thanks so much Megan we love you!!

Are they not just the sweetest pictures ever?!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

How Things Are Going

Now that Christmas and New Years are over we have gotten back into a somewhat normal schedule.
I am enjoying everyday life a lot, taking care of 2 kids is busy, but so much fun!
Makayla is doing great, she is holding her head, smiling a lot and growing. She out grew her newborn clothes last week. It's hard to believe that next week she will be 2 months old!! She is still eating every 3 to 4 hours during the night, but hey what can you do about it, I'm blessed to be able spend this time with her, I missed out on it with Andrew.
Andrew is doing great, he is not talking but he has his ways of showing just what he needs or wants. He is a very a good big brother and always makes sure that I know when Kayla is crying and that he gets to say good morning to her.
I am so thankful for 2 sweet, healthy blessings from God!

Andrew playing with blocks from Grama.

He surprised me with how many blocks he was able to stack before he could no longer resist the urge to push it over. :)

"Oh, it's Kayla"

Makayla enjoying watching Andy.

I love my sister!!

Time for some big brother kisses.

"I made it"

Back to the blocks.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Josh!!

Happy birthday to my best friend!

Thank you for all that you do for us, you are a wonderful husband, daddy and friend!

You are a great example and I can't wait till Andrew will follow you around and you will teach him all that you know.

You are a tease, but you wouldn't be you if didn't tease, and I have to say it, I really don't mind. :)

You love your children, and one day you will teach Andrew how to talk. :)

You are crazy about football and hockey, if it weren't for you we would probably all just sit around most of the time. :)

You are a lot of fun to play with and I always like being on your team.

You and Andrew love to be goofy together.

You work hard and I'm proud of you!

You enjoy watching football and hockey almost as much as you enjoy playing it.

You are a super sweet and caring husband, I was so blessed by you last Summer when I was pregnant with Makayla, you were always making sure thst I was being taken care of.

You make me feel special and so very loved.


You absolutely love your baby girl.

 And she loves you.

We love you Josh and we thank God every day for you. May He bless you in the coming year!