Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our 2014

Another year has gone buy, ever so quickly, with no lack of work, play, learning, family togetherness,  tears, laughter and ever so many memories. 
This year God has taught me the lesson of surrender, it's not an easy lesson to learn, and it's something that I need to do each and every day. But oh the joy and peace, when I cast all my cares upon Him, because He cares for me.
As we enter this new year, I want to strive to give it all to God and let Him use me in the way that He has planned.

2014 was filled with many exciting things!
January that was especially true, we got to welcome Silas to the Pauls' family, the kids first cousin, and a little baby for kayla to hold. Needless to say, he's not little anymore! :)

February we helped out Josh's sisters Jen and Ker with a Valentines banquet at their church, this is Caleb helping. :)

And..... I got this beautiful ring for our 5 wedding anniversary! What a blessing to be married to such a wonderful man for 5 amazing years!

March we ate popcorn and we waited for the snow to melt. :)

April, Brendan started walking, and he hasn't stopped since, he is such a blessing to our family, I love him to bits!!! He is a smart little guy and is always ready to lean new things!

May, Brendan's first birthday!

June, my sister, Ruth had a miniature house that had a little foal, she is so cute!

July, we enjoyed an absolutely beautiful Summer! Lots of football, playing in the sand box and with the water table and many evening bon fires complete with s'mores, such fun!

August, the kids had their first swimming lessons, they really enjoyed them, and we had a fun week of camping in Manitou during that time. We started off the camping trip with planes rides, another first for our kids, they had a blast!! And still talk about it whenever they see a plane in the sky. 

September, harvest came in all it's business, hard work and short nights. We had a very smooth harvest with very few breaks downs and lots of grain to get in the bins, God blessed us so richly again this year and we are so grateful!!
The kids enjoyed many rides in the tractor with auntie Jenny...

In the grain truck with Daddy, and in the combine with Grampa and uncle Caleb.

October we started school! The kids were very excited and have really enjoyed it so far! We finished learning the alphabet before Christmas and have moved on to numbers and math now. I am ever so thankful that I can teach my kids at home and spend all this important time together with them, so blessed!!

November, we celebrated 2 birthdays, Andrew turned 5, he loves killer whales, dolphins and whales, so it was easy to get him stuff that he liked. Andrew has come so far in the last 5 years, what a miracle, what a blessing! He has surpassed everything that doctors said he would do, and we know it is because God has an amazing plan for his life!

Kayla turned 3! She likes pink, so everything was pink, the other day the kids and I were talking about farming and I asked Andy if he wanted to be a farmer some day, and Kayla said, I want to be a pink farmer. So there you have it, she like pink! :) Kayla is such gem, she a big help to me, and I', sure that she would tun the household if I let her. :)

December, this was the first Christmas where the kids actually understood what was going on. They were so excited to help with putting up decorations and then listened closer to the Christmas story, again and again. :) We were all healthy this Christmas which was wonderful, we enjoyed the season together with family remembering the amazing gift that was given so long ago for us!

And as we look into the new year, may we be excited for the plans that Gods has for us, and be ready to surrender our lives to His good and perfect will!
Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Because It's Cold Outside

It happens every year, the extreme cold hits, and we get stuck inside. Not that it's a bad place to be, its rather quite nice compared to the weather outside. 
But... it usually gets me thinking of the warm weather that we were enjoying not that long ago.
And since I still have many, many Summer pictures that need to be blogged, here they are!

Our first bon fire of 2014

It was an exciting time!

Andy and Kayla watched carefully, fires are one of their favourite things in the summer, so this was great!

Brendan was more interested in the tractor that was used to bring the wood over.

Thats better!

Smiles for mom.

After Teddy came over Brendan changed his mind about the tractor, cause there not much that this little guy like more than this dog! 

And one of my favourite pictures! She loves that Daddy of hers!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Party Time!

November is a busy month for us when it comes to birthdays. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters with November birthdays, plus our 2 kids. So when it comes to a party we just all get together and celebrate everyone!
This year we headed out to Portage la Prairie and the indoor swimming pool.
Our kids were so excited about going for weeks! When the day finally came they were thrilled.
In the morning we worked on Andy's cake, he wanted a killer whale cake, and I figured I'd give it a try. I worked out great, and even made it to the pool in one pice! :)

Andy and his cake, we took some pictures before we left, just in case. :)

Swimming, splashing and smiles.

Hailey and Kayla.

Brendan and Daddy.

Andy loved the hot tub. :)

My littlest niece, Janelle.

Auntie Rita and Andrew.

Coming down the slide!

After swimming we went to eat pizza and cake!

My wonderful parents.

My handsome husband.

Opening gifts!!

Blowing out candles.