Sunday, December 17, 2017

And Then She Turned Two...

My baby turned two last week.
But turning 2 was so exciting for her, so we celebrated, even though it was kinda hard for the mom.
Two is such a fun age!!
So much to learn, so much to help with, so much wonder in her bright eyes!
We celebrated with Josh's family the evening before.
We had supper and then lots of cake!!

Taylor has had a special giraffe teddy bear since she was just tiny, he has always been her most special stuffy, so it was only fitting to make a giraffe cake, and she loved it!!

Although you couldn't tell from her face. :)

Ready for cake!!

Lighting candles.

Joe needs to find a different spot to stand!! :)

Completely thrilled that we were singing happy birthday for her!


The cake must not survive!

The next morning was present time!

And leftover cake for lunch!

Loving that happy birthday song again!

Happy birthday to my sweet baby!! You bring such joy to our family and we are blessed to be your parents!! We cant wait to see what the next year will bring!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Makayla's Party

The next weekend we celebrated another birthday, Kayla's.
She wanted her theme to be pink and sprinkles, so pink she got!

Taylor was rather excited about the idea of there being food on the table for the taking!

She had some friends over for supper.

We had cake.

Opened gifts.

And then the girls crafted.

And since the popcorn was still on the table...

Taylor felt free to help herself!!