Thursday, November 16, 2017

Makayla's Party

The next weekend we celebrated another birthday, Kayla's.
She wanted her theme to be pink and sprinkles, so pink she got!

Taylor was rather excited about the idea of there being food on the table for the taking!

She had some friends over for supper.

We had cake.

Opened gifts.

And then the girls crafted.

And since the popcorn was still on the table...

Taylor felt free to help herself!!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Birthday Time!!!

 The past 2 weekends have been exciting for us!
We celebrated the birthdays of our oldest 2 kids.
Andy was first, on November 4.
We now have an 8 year old!!
Where has the time gone??
We started the day with brunch, quick sticky buns and fruit.

Morning smiles.

Next came gifts.

 After a full day of doing whatever he wanted, which included playing outside and lots of wii; we had pizza and cupcakes for supper.

Everyone was happy!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Canada Day

After settling in at camp on Friday
We headed back to a small town Canada Day celebration.
Josh and a bunch of people from our church had signed up a baseball team, so the kids and I tagged along to watch and cheer them on.

Many snacks.

And smiles.

After a day in the sunshine we grabbed supper, picked up some tim bits and headed back to camp to continue the Canada Day celebrations!
Cananda flags
Singing the National Anthem
and great fire works were the perfect ending to the day.