Sunday, August 30, 2009

Harvest Time

Harvest has finally started for us on the
Pauls' farm, and we are all overjoyed!! (can't you tell?)

For Josh and I that means hauling the grain from the combines to the bins.

And testing it to make sure that it is dry. (: Or close to dry anyway.

And this is the view we have when we get to the field.

Josh and Grampa Pauls unloading the combine

And when Mom and Dad are each driving a combine they like to do things together. (:

Which also saves alot of driving for Josh and I. Thanks guys, you're so sweet!

My mirror view

And this year we have a new driver...

Jesse, he could probably do this in his sleep! (:

And as another day comes to an end we thank God for protection and giving us the crop to harvest

Back at home we are also busy drying the 'almost dry' grain.

We dump it from the grain truck into a bin...

Which augers it into the dryer, then after it has been dryed it gets augered into the grain truck again.

Then you but it back into the bin, all with a smile on your face. (:

Meanwhile inside I have been trying to get some canning done, this last week I canned pickles...

And I picked and froze apples. It's a busy and yummy time of year and I thank God every day for His many blessing!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pauls Family Fun

Sunday afternoon fun at Grandma and Grandpa Pauls, here are just a few pictures that I thought you might enjoy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Working On Our House

This week Tuesday we started on doing some fix up work to our house, we took away the old deck that was there and started again.

Josh and Dad making sure that they have the right measurements and then starting to cut.

Don't you always need a supervisor? (:

Josh's turn at the saw.

Nailing the frame together.

Getting the posts the right length.

Everyone came over to help.

So mean while Megan and I washed off siding that we had gotten from Mom and Dad Penner.

Thanks alot Meg!!

Another prodject ; Kerri scraping the old paint off of our door frames.

Thanks Kerri!!

Then in the evening my family came over to help. (:

Josh trying to decide which piece of siding will fit just right.

Getting everyone involved.

The Dads and Josh doing some more figuring.

Jennifer, Raechelle and Rita all keeping busy.

There was not quite enough work for everyone though. (:

Jeese trying on the ear plugs, guess what, they really do work! (:

Visiting after the job was done, Thank you so much to our Dear family for all your help!!

The Next Day...

Josh and I painted the door frames...
I don't know about you but we think they look alot better!

Then we put on the railing.

And got to work with siding the rest of the garage.

My hard working wonderful husband. And he's cute too! (:
Getting the North side done.

And theres the finished project, it feels great to have a job well done!