Friday, June 28, 2013

Father's Day

Yes I am 2 weeks late with this post but... well lets just say that's how it goes around here in the Summer. :)
This year our Father's day day was busy. We went to my parent's church in the morning as my Dad was ordained as preacher there. Next we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park, then we headed out to the city to go to the zoo.
There were not a whole lot of animals, but the weather was really nice and we had a good time just relaxing and spending time together.

Kayla and her Daddy.
Happy Father's Day to the worlds sweetest Daddy!

Walking through the zoo. We got a new stroller that holds 2 kids, I really like it and that way all our kids are in the same place; where I can watch them. :)


Watching the pretty pink birds.

Kayla and Auntie Rita.

Hailey, my niece, Kayla and Andy.

More birds.

A peacock with his tail spread out.

Andrew and Grampa.

My brother Ryan, his wife Yvonne and their daughter Hailey.

Andy and Auntie Rita watching the zebras.



Going to see the kangaroos.

Kayla and her Daddy.

Brendan and I. Brendan was an angel and slept the whole time.

And that was our time at the zoo.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


So, yes, I am still hear. Just busy enjoying the Summer!
These past few weeks have been going by to quickly, enjoying the Summer sun, weeding the gardens, feeding the baby, keeping the house clean and clothes washed, football and of course camping!
Henry and Megan were so kind and joined us and our little gang on a camping trip last weekend. The weather was perfect and the campground was really nice. We had a lot of fun, and a big thank you to Henry and Megan for putting with and helping us with the kiddos!

The first morning we were greeted by a bunch of squirrles and chipmunks. They stuck around all weekend always looking for something to eat.

Josh frying sausage for brunch.

Enjoying the food!


Going for a walk and enjoying a lolly pop from Aunie Megan.

Testing the water.

Enjoying some yummy water melon.

Weiner roast for supper.

Saturday was beautiful, we went to the beach, the water was kinda cool but sitting on the beach was very nice.

Brendan's first time at the beach.

Being brave in the cold water. :)

Playing on the playground.

Eating again!


At the playground again.

And that concludes our first camping trip of the year.