Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 39!!!!!!

Well here's hoping this will be my last weekly pregnancy update! :)
Only 5 more days left...if this baby decides to come on time.
I'm feeling fine, ready, ready, ready for this baby to come, but enjoying the days with my kiddos, making lots of memories and spending time together.
The baby room is ready, my bag is packed, food is in the freezer, I have walked and walked and walked, the only change is how fast I walk. :)
I'm just glad that God knows exactly when this baby will come, all I have to do is wait. :) And start all my phone calls and texts with, no I'm not in labor. :)

Friday we had a midwife appointment, everything looked and sounds great. After supper we had the priveledge of sending some time with Henry and Megan, Megan took our materiny pictures, we had a great time! Thanks a lot guys!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week 38

Another week has flown by!
Not much is changing for the baby, just adding more weight (as am I) :)
For us, we are still getting ready. My wonderful husband bought me a chair for in the nursery, so the kids and I put it together this week. That along with last minute packing and some sewing has brought us to the ready point, or as ready as you can be anyway. :)

Reading instructions.

Getting started.


Andy had a grand time tighening the screws.

All done!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 37

This week has been busy with baby prep. Oh the fun it's been!! Taking out those teeny, tiny diapers ad outfits... it's hard to imagine that my babies wore that not so long ago!!
I have been able to check a lot of things off of my to-do list this week:
Organize the kids clothes and closets
Organize our clothes and closet
Make meals for in the freezer
Do a bunch of baking
Get the baby room ready
Wash baby clothes
Pack the diaper bag
Pack my hospital bag
So now all that's left to do is wait. :)
Kayla was helping me with baking the other day. Andy was outside with Josh so I got her all to myself, it was fun! :)


Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Proud Auntie and Week 36

Another week has come and gone so quickly! I can't believe that we could be having our baby in 24 days!
I am feeling super! Stretches have been keeping my back feeling good and Rosalie and I did get our first walk of the year in.
The baby could now be born at the hospital close to us not the one in the city which is a nice thing to know!
I think the kids are excited, even though they don't really know whats about to happen. :) They love any baby that they see and will always stand close by and watch.
And in other yesterday was my once and only nieces 1st birthday! Happy Birthday Hailey!!
We were invited to a party at my brother and his wife's house, it was fun and cute to watch the 3 little kids play together. And of course eating cake was great too!! :)
The sweet little birthday girl.
Opening gifts.

After waiting patiently for awhile Andy and Kayla thought it was time to help her out. :)

So much help!

A girl after my own heart, she loves stuffed animals! :)

Time for cake!!

She knew just what to do and it didn't take her long to finish off a cupcake!

Happy Birthday Hailey, you are a very special niece ad cousin. We love you!!