Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mr. Spots

This last week started off with our little man getting chicken pox. Sunday to Tuesday were not very happy days for him, he ate little and had fever. But yesterday he started feeling better and today he is even more back to his normal, happy self.
These pictures were taken today, I don't think that he has any more new spots, so that's a great sign!! It will be nice to have a happy baby again!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

God's Beauty

I praise You God of earth and sky, how beautiful is Your unfailing love.
And You never change, God You remain the Holy One and my unfailing love.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sorry about the post with the 6 second video clip, it was meant to be longer, I didn't realize that it had not loaded all the way. So here is what it is supposed to be like!

Memories Monday

Monday, January 17, 2011

Memories Monday

One year ago today we were still living in the city, praying that we would soon be able to take Andrew home. I was going through our pictures the other day and watched this little clip, it made me smile at the difference there is now when Andy is drinking his bottle. :) And once again we are so blessed to have our baby at home with us, growing up. We love him so!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Seeing that it is Winter in Manitoba I guess we should not be surprised at the amount of snow that we are getting, but it's still A LOT of snow!!
Today we got another layer of it, and it looked beautiful!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keeping Busy

Even though it's Winter on the farm there are still things to do. Last week Josh was busy hauling barley out of the bin ring and to the elevator. Thankfully everything worked out just fine and he was done in 3 days.
Since I have Andy to look after I was not outside for this one, except to bring out lunch and take pictures. But the girls were out there helping Josh and Dad, thanks girls!! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Josh!!

Well... I am 4 days late with this post, but since Josh is the most important person in my life I couldn't not do it, so here's to you Dear, Happy 21st Birthday!!!
Josh is my best friend, since the day we started courting till now I would do anything to spend time with him, he is wonderful!

Joshua is a wonderful leader, already is less than 2 years of marriage he has proved that over and over again. You are very wise and every day I live I want to honor you.

Josh loves I mean LOVES playing football. He is out on the field whenever he has a spare minute, and always asking for players. :) I really enjoy watching him play and playing with him. And he is really good at it too!

Before Andrew was born I would tag along with Josh everywhere he went, he always made riding the tractor fun, many, many memories have been made riding with him.
Josh takes time for me. Whenever I need to talk, or cry, or just have him hold me he is always there, he is never to busy for me.
Josh is funny, and he makes it his business to get other people to laugh. Whenever someone is having an off day you can be very sure that after spending a few minutes with Josh they will be laughing. I love that about him a lot, he can make life's problems look so much smaller that way!
Josh doesn't really enjoy taking pictures, although for me he will do it, but he does not like the flash at all!!! :)
Josh would rather drive the combine than the grain truck, but he really good at the trucking part. I really like going along with him!
Josh is a super wonderful Dad!! Watching him with Andy touches my heart, he is so loving. I can't wait till Andrew will be following him everywhere, he will have such a great teacher!
Joshua is the love of my life.
Josh's favorite football team is the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. (naturally) :)
Josh is a really, really good puller outer person. :)
He buys me flowers for Mother's day, our anniversary, my birthday and sometimes just because. And if you know me you know how much that means to me! (I love flowers)
Josh enjoys watching football and hockey, and he is also teaching Andy to do the same. :)
Josh keeps me warm. My cold toes have been warmed countless times by him. But he also warms my heart with the way that he loves me, the way he cares for my and how he makes me feel so special.
Joshua is a man of faith. Last Winter when Andy was born he taught the true meaning of faith. I still clearly remember our trip into the hospital that morning, I was so afraid, I really didn't know what was going to happen to our baby, but Josh held my hand the whole way there and kept saying, we have to have faith, God knows what is best for us. And through the next 3 months he reminded of that so many times!
Josh does not like sleeping a lone. :) This was my bed for the 2 nights before Andy was born and after trying to sleep on a chair/bed he moved in with me. Needless to say the nurses found it funny. :)
Hot chocolate is Josh favorite drink in the Winter, and ice tea in the Summer.
After some years of practice Josh as become really great at filling bins, not to full but just full enough. :)
Joshua is my protector. When I was pregnant he was always reminding not to this and don't lift that. I feel so safe when I am with him. I know that he would gladly give his life to keep me safe.
Josh is the man that I want to grow old with. God has blessed so much by placing you in my life. I love you now more than ever and I look forward to spending lots and lots of years together with you.

Saturday, January 1, 2011