Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pregnancy #4

As we get to the end of this pregnancy I am once again amazed by the fact that we have been chosen to be the parents to another blessing. 
To be trusted to train this child, protect him/her and one day have the opportunity to lead them to Christ.
I never take for granted the large task that comes with parenting, but I do enjoy every minute of it!
We are blessed so with the 3 kids and cant wait to meet this little one!

We are packed and ready to leave for our vacation tomorrow morning, and will be getting back on the 30 of November, so Im hoping that this baby doesn't decide to come to early! :)
So far I have been feeling great, some braxton hicks here and there, the baby is dropping and is head down, so it basically just waiting left to do!

Back in October Josh's sweet sister Megan took our maternity pictures.
She did a flawless job once again, thanks Megan, you're the best!!

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Jennifer Pauls said...

Soooooo excited to meet him/her!!!