Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cookie Time!

With Christmas coming we like to do some special Christmas baking.
So the other night after supper was cleaned up the kids and I got busy and mixed up a batch of my Gramas yummy jam jams.
When Im busy in the kitchen there is never a lack of helping hands! :)

Cracking eggs

Reading the recipe. :)

Mixing the dough

Cutting out the cookies

Its really hard to stay off the table when you're making cookies!

Ready to bake

After cooling and filling them with jam we all had a taste. Actually by the time they made it to the freezer there were not that many left. :)

We are still waiting for the baby to arrive! The kids have all decided that tomorrow is the day. :) So we will see. Im feeling great, just ready to have this baby! 

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Jennifer Pauls said...

I tried those cookies when I was babysitting... They are really good!!!!