Sunday, June 18, 2017

So Much To Celebrate

When I was growing up Father's Day was exciting!
We spend many days getting ready to celebrate the man in our lives.
I love my Daddy.
I loved following him to work on the farm, being in with the animals, riding in the combine, having races milking the cows.
He taught me a lot about farm life.
He might be the reason I married a farmer! :)
I treasure the time that we spent together, our walks and our talks going to check the cows.
And now that I'm grown up and have my own kids I get to watch him be a grandpa.
He's as good a grandpa as he is a dad!
It is such a blessing to have a godly father!
Someone to look up to.
Someone to provide for you.
Someone who cares for you and would do anything to keep you safe.
Someone you can trust your heart with.

And not only do I have such an amazing father, my father-in-law is just as amazing!
He raised this awesome guy just for me!
He loves on our kids.
He has welcomed me into his family.
He is a strong leader and a godly example.
These two dads are awesome!
I am blessed!!

And now I have the privilege of watching my husband do the same things for our kids.
He teaches them life lessons.
They love riding with daddy wherever he goes.
He loves on them.
He makes our family an awesome thing to be a part of.
He is a godly leader for our family.
He isn't afraid of what other may think or say of him.
He is strong in his faith.
Our kids can trust him with their hearts.
They are blessed!!

So while Father's Day is about blessing the dads in our lives it also reminds me of how awesome it is to have these amazing men in our lives!
We are blessed!!

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