Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Even If You Don't

Its dry here.
Very dry.
Its been awhile since we've gone this long without enough rain to settled dust.
The grass is brown.
The garden won't grow.
The fields have been reseeded because of all the blowing dust.
My little trees are wilting.
All flowers and gardens all need to be watered.
The rain barrel is empty.

But still we trust.
Still we hope.
Still we pray.

We know that Gods got a plan.
We think that it should be rain because that would be a good thing.
But God knows.
He knows what is BEST.

Its easy to say that we trust Him with everything when the ground is wet and the crops look great.
But can we say it when everything is brown and dry?
It is the true test of our faith.

And while we have been praying for rain for awhile know, 
We have also been praying for Gods will.
For His will to be done and for us to trust Him completely, no matter what His will may be.

Theres been this song praying on the radio lately, and while I liked it since I first heard it, it has taken on a new meaning to me in the past little while and I haven't been able to get it out of my head.

God is always good.
We trust Him.

I know You're able and I know You can, Save through the fire with Your mighty hand.

But even if You don't, my hope is You alone.

I know the sorrow and I know the hurt.

Would all go away if You just said the word.

But even if You don't, my hope is You alone.

You've been faithful, You've been good, all my days.

Jesus I will cling to You come what may.
Cause I know You're able, I know You can.