Friday, June 9, 2017

Growing Up

Speaking of bikes...
Last week Saturday Brendan, our 4 year old decided that he wanted to try riding a bike without training wheels.
He had never tried before, but I figured what could it hurt, well it could hurt a lot, but I'd be right there to catch him.
So he hopped on, I held onto the back of the bike and he took off!
I couldn't even keep up if I had tried!
His balance was amazing, I remember when I learnt how to ride my bike, it took FOREVER!!
So was shocked at how easy it was for him.
Of course he rode to where Kayla was playing, she saw what had happened and wanted to try too.
Well by now I was thinking, hey anything is possible!
She jumped on and off she went!
So with in minutes I had taken off their training wheels and they haven't looked back since.
While its been super exciting for them, and me, It also has me thinking once again how fast time goes!
Today they are riding bikes on their own, tomorrow it'll be cars!!
Treasure each day!
Brush their teeth.
Wash their feet.
Build them a block tower.
Hitch up the toy tractor and trailer.
Play a game together.
Read them a story.
Help them clean up.
Tuck them in bed.
Hold their hand.
Wash their dirty face.
Do a puzzle together.
Give them a hug.
Tell them you love them.
Wipe their nose.
Pour them a glass of milk.
Help them put on their shoes.
Answer their questions.
It may seem to be all that you're doing now, but before you know it they will be all grown up and won't be asking you for help anymore.
Make the most of today!

Of course along with riding bikes come scrapes and bruises.
I didn't notice most these happen.
I only saw them when I bathed them at night!
Maybe it was better that way.


Jennifer Pauls said...

Proud Auntie here! :)

The Pauls' Family said...

Lobe this post! So true. One day they will be married and have kids of their own 😊