Sunday, June 25, 2017

Meager Beginnings

This year my garden hasn't looked to great.
I planted it 6 weeks ago and most of the things only started growing a week and a half ago because it was so dry.
I did water a couple times but it just isn't the same as the real thing.
So because me garden looked so bare I didn't weed it, its not much fun weeding when you cant see any plants!
I finally made myself go do it 2 weeks ago, it was getting pretty bad!!

More weeds than plants!

Thankfully I had really cute helpers!

Now that we've gotten rain, everything is coming up!!
It serious took 2 days after the rain for me to be able to see the rows of plants!

Corn and potatoes.


Sunflowers and cucumbers.

Im so thankful that we got rain and the crops and gardens can now grow!
What a great reminder that no matter how much work we put into something, we are still not the ones in charge of the outcome!

1 comment:

Bekah Marie said...

It looks so good now! Prayerfully y'all will have good weather from now on! Missing you!