Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Our Second Camping Trip

The second get away was with my family.
We headed to Carman, our favourite spot for the last few years.
These peeps were all excited to go!

After setting up we played some tennis.

Then played at the park.

Once everyone got there we had supper.

Excited to be sleeping in the camper.

It was a cool weekend so we did a lot of sitting around the fire and visiting.
Making our lunch.

Eating her lunch.

There were more tennis games, and the guys went golfing.

And of course we had multiple volley ball games!

For supper we had traditional watermelon and roll cookies. 
The girls all helped with getting it ready.

And everyone enjoyed it!

Sunday morning we chilled out.

Played lego.

And played with friends.

After cleaning up camp we all went out for ice cream and that wrapped up another fun family camping trip!!

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