Saturday, June 3, 2017

Making the most of Summer

Sometimes in the Summer you go to garages sales in your town.
Sometimes in the Summer the guys are out picking rocks in the fields.
Sometimes your husband asks if you want to meet them in town for lunch.
And you always say yes to no cooking! :)
So we met Josh and his brothers Caleb, Zach, Jess and Nate for lunch.
It was fun time of chatting, eating, sunshine, ice cream and making memories.
Cause sometimes you just need to stop and enjoy Summer.

Waiting for Daddy and the Uncles to come.

Uncle Nate and Kayla waiting for their food.

Still waiting...

So good!!

Dreaming of ice cream.

And it didn't disappoint!

It melted pretty fast in the sunshine though.

I started out feeding her.

But we both decided this would work better.

That face though!

Its easier to eat when your sitting down.

Sharing with her brother.

The end.

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