Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was the annual mens fishing/camping trip.
Which also means it was time for the annual girls get together and have piles of fun weekend!

They left Friday morning, it was cold and windy so we baked cookies for our ups coming camping trip.

Cracking eggs.

Licking beaters.


Sneaking cookie dough.

After the baby had her nap we headed over to Josh's moms.
Friends of theres who were also missing there men came over to spend the weekend as well.
We had pizza and enjoyed the warm house.
After supper we had our traditional cheese cake blizzards. 
They are worth every single calorie y'all!!

Jen and Shayla.

Making blizzards is serious business!

And eating them puts a smile on your face!

The next morning Taylor played with finger puppets.

While Mrs. Theissen taught the girls how to fry crepes, she is amazing at it!

Sooooo good!

After cleaning up brunch we enjoyed coffee.

Drawing pictures.

And x box games.

Then us girls opened up a beauty parlour!

Jen did hair.

Kerri did make up and I did nails.

It was a blast!! Check out some more spa day pictures and the finished product on Jen's blog.

That night these lovely ladies came over and we ate food (again) watched a movie and talked and talked and talked.
I love these beauties and spending time with them, they really 
are special!

The sun came out the next morning, after sitting on the deck soaking it up for awhile
we got pie iron pizzas ready for lunch.

And enjoyed our time together in the sunshine.

All in all it was a really fun time together, making memories with special people!
Best of all the guys came home!!!!

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Jennifer Pauls said...

Loved doing the weekend with you. 'Twas much fun!!