Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Auction Day

This Summer one of our days was spent at my Grandparents auction.
The farm that they lived on has been in the family for over 100 years so there was a lot of really neat stuff for sale. 

Headed out to see what kind of treasures he can find.

He brought his money along!

There was a lot of selling and bidding going on.
My parents.

Josh and my brother.

It was our kids first auction.

Checking out the bikes and outdoor toys.

Who's going to get what?

Letting daddy what stuff he would like too have.

My Grandpa got this old truck fixed up many years ago. I have many memories of rides in the back with all my cousins.

My dad bought the truck.

And so the memories will continue, now with my kids!
Everyone was eager to get a ride!

Loading up all the treasures.

Love these people!!

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Jennifer Pauls said...

That is a really neat truck!