Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We Want to Know...

What do you want to know?
So like 2 weeks ago I was informed by my lovely sisters, the same ones who got me into the "Hello June" blogging thingy, that we would be doing  blog together!!
Its going to be so much fun they told me!! 
I was a little sceptical but you know how sisters can be, so I agreed.
Anyway, our vlog is going to be all about answering your questions!
So if you have anything, and I mean ANYTHING that you want to know about me, my family, how our life is anything but boring, farming, if I like eating  pickles, going for walks, what my favourite pass time is and so, then ask the questions and we will give you the answers.
We are wanting to do the vlog the last day of June, so ask away!!!

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