Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fathers Day

Its that special day again, where are celebrate all the wonderful men in our lives, whether it be our fathers, father in laws or husbands. 
In my case I get to celebrate all three!

I have many, many memories with my Dad.
Growing up on a farm we were able to be together a lot. I remember riding in the back of him combine as a 3 or 4 year old, Im sure I had naps in that dusty thing too. 
Then a few years later I was driving my own combine, and I remember Dad would always wave at me, every time we passed each other on the field, its such a small thing but it meant a lot to me.
Dad, the loving and strong man that you were for Mom when we lost Rosalin was amazing to see! 
You would always remind us to be quiet while she was napping or to be extra patient with her. 
You were are still are such an amazing example to so many people, me included!
I always enjoyed hanging out with you, camping, bike rides, going for ice cream, walks and so much more!
I remember one walk we took to the farm one Winter night when you were going to check on the cows and I came with you. I remember asking you how I would know when the right guy for me would come along, and your answer was so reassuring!
So told me that all I needed to do was to trust you.
God had made me to be your daughter, and I had been placed in your care. 
You were praying for God's will for my life every day, so I should be patient, wait on God and trust you to make the right decision, you wouldn't let anything happen to me.
Walking home that night I felt to warm and safe, I had the best Dad in the world! 
And I still do!
Thanks Dad for all the time you spent teaching and training us. 
I love you!!!

And also happy Fathers Day to my Father in law.
Thank you raising such an amazing man to me my husband and the father to out kids.
Thank you for the relation that we have, for the job on the farm, where we can do stuff together as a family! 
We love you!!!

And of course, happy Fathers Day to my husband!
You are an amazing Daddy, and I have always loved watching you with our kids, training, cuddling and loving in them.
They are blessed beyond words!

WE love all 3 of you and wish you the very best Fathers Day!!!!

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Jennifer said...

This post makes my heart happy. <3