Monday, June 15, 2015

Memories Monday; Spraying

As spraying as been in full swing this Spring I have been thinking back to what spraying used to be like, the very first Spring that Josh and I were married.
Now all that I get of spraying is climbing up the steps and put Josh's lunch in the sprayer cab, bringing supper to the field, and sometimes running to town for a part. Otherwise I don't really notice that much of it, oh, Josh does smell like chemical when he gets home. 
But back before we had kids I never, and I mean, NEVER stayed at home by myself. Whenever Josh left, I left, we would get up at 5;30 or 6, I would pack us a lunch in the morning and throw a load of clothes in the washer while Josh got tractors ready to go. Then off to the field we went for the day.
We had so much fun together.
We told stories
Made up and sang silly songs
Laughed and cried 
Talked about our past
Made plans for our future
And worked. :)
Then at 5:30 we got supper brought to us by Josh's sweet sisters. I sometimes wonder ho many meals they have given us. :)

That year our job was to haul water from the community well to the field where the sprayer was going.
That good old pull type sprayer, I remember changing nozzles on it, and that happy day when it got parked in the very back of the yard. :)

At the well filling our tanks with water.

Aint he cute?

Washing off the sprayer after finishing a field and before moving to the next.

I love this guy!!

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Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness!! How adorable were the both of you!! (still are ;)
Those days... loved those days.