Thursday, June 18, 2015

Its Happening!!

Its my most favourite time of year! Camping season. Josh was able to get off of work for the next 3 days (thanks Dad) and we have been busy packing food, clothes, blankets and everything else we might need. 
We are not going far for this trip, just a 45 min drive.
We are super excited to try out our new camper (new to us) and we will see how it goes!
Also IM not sure how blogging will go fir the next day or 2, they might be short posts. :)
Well we are off!!!


The Mayo Family said...

Well...we are on our way this weekend too! :)
Hope and pray that you all have a great time!
We have really been enjoying your posts...we kind of wait everyday for your up-dates!! :)
Maggie for the family

Jennifer said...

Love those smiles...