Monday, June 13, 2016

The Air Show

So as promised, air show pictures.
We got with in 5 miles of the air show and hit traffic, everyone was going where we were going!
After travelling 2 miles in 50 mins we decided to park our van and walk.

Andy's pants kept falling down so he got a ride. :)

And everyone else got packed into the stroller. Thankfully taylor stayed at my Mom's, she would not have had a fun day!!

After our 3 mile walk we waited in line to get in. By then it was high time for some snacks!

Next we stood in line for the bathrooms.

And then we were finally ready to explore!!!

There were so many planes to see!!

And helicopters too!

The kids liked to shark plane!

We met up with Josh's sister and her husband. The kids had lots of fun together!

The RCMP plane.

Some giant planes!

An even bigger plane!

A fighter fighter jet. (Brendans term)

And thats all for today. :)

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