Thursday, June 30, 2016

Our Blessings

Taylor, our newest little blessings.
Taylor is also a miracle, every baby is, but she is special to us because she came after 2 misscariges.
No mother ever deserves to go through having a misscarige.
It it a time of sorrow and a deep feeling of loss, but it also brings you so much closer to God, and your family.
When we went through them I could feel the prayers of our family all the time, I also learnt an important lesson, I cant do things on my own.
I was trying my best to be strong and trust in God no matter what, but I learnt that I cant do even that on my own, I needed strength for every day, every minute of my grieving, and for my every day life.
So Taylor Brianne was a special blessing that we got to meet on December 15 2015, she came 5 days late, and I was induced because they couldn't see her breath on the ultrasound I had the morning she was born.
But she was ready to come, and we were ready to meet her!

Waiting on the baby to make her arrival.

Meeting her big sister.

Darling new born pictures taken by Megan.

2 weeks old.

3 weeks old.

2  months old.

3 months old.

Fun fact, Taylor was our first baby that we found out that she was a girl before she was born.
It was fun!

Taylor loves her brothers and sister, although sometimes they get in her bubble. :)

4 months old.

Matching with cousin Sophia.

Josh picked out Taylor's name, and I love it!

Her first boat ride!

She loves being outside!

Fathers day with these 4 beauties!

6 months, once agin Megan's talent!

We love you Taylor, and are so glad that God picked you to be a part of our family!!

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