Tuesday, June 7, 2016

End of School Celebrations

We finished our first official year of school on May 20, I could not be more proud of how well these 2 did!! They leant their numbers and letters, they learnt to read and their addition and subtraction, it was a busy year of learning and they did so good!
We had planned a special picnic to celebrate their hard work, but we ended up going camping the day we finished, which no one minded in the least, so we decided that today would be a good day to celebrate!

Our first watermelon of the Summer! Its always the best!

Stuffing his face.

The baby joined us too.

If you've never had a tomato and avocado sandwich, you really should!!

They were still looking for letters in their food.

And Brendan found an cadacada pit. :)


Kerri Pauls said...

YAY!! so proud of them...and You ;)

Jennifer Pauls said...

Lol, a cadacada pit. I will no more call them avacados, they are now cadacadas. ;) Yay for end of school celebrations! So proud of Andy and Makayla!