Friday, June 10, 2016

Making Changes

For a while now we have wanted to plant some more trees on our yard.
A week ago we bought some trees.
And yesterday we got them planted.
The first step was to remove the big rock and flower garden on the hill.

Jesse helping with moving all the little rocks.

Back when Josh's grandparents lived here she had made this garden and painted the names of all the grandkids on different rocks.

Taylor loved spending the day outside.

Getting the trees.

Trying to make a straight line.

Laying out the trees.

Lots of measuring.

Lots of digging.

All the amur maples in!

Then Josh and I went out and dug up some more trees, Im not sure what kind they are, but they looked nice. :)

Getting them all staked.

Andy cleaning up the dirt.

And after they all survived our storm last night the kids picked a tree to take a picture with. If I remember we want to take one beside the same tree every year.

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Jennifer Pauls said...

So many memories with that rock. I'll admit, I was sad inside that it was gone! But I'll get over it. :) Have fun growing those trees!