Saturday, December 31, 2016

Looking Back at 2016

We enjoyed having a new baby in our family

Josh and I started curling once a week with some friends of ours.

Our time baby grew

Josh and I went to celebrate our 7th anniversary.

By watching a curling tournament.

We did lots of snuggling on cold days.

This little girl legally became ours, after 3 months. :)

Brendan discovered his love for hats.

 We got together for Easter with these cuties.

Field work got started.

 The kids got a new cousin on my side of the family.

And on Josh's side of the family. So much fun!

We got the boat for our first camping trip.

We planted our garden.

And started a new row of trees on our yard.

Josh and I went to a football game.

The farm people built a new bin.

We took the 3 oldest kids to an airshow with Henry and Megan, everyone had a lot of fun!

Summer and Sunshine!

We went to picnics and held cute babies.

We had swimming lessons and ate ice cream.

We did more camping and had lots of fun on the water.

Full time harvest mode!

Thanksgiving with the cousins.

Dress shopping with Auntie Rita.

And we got started on our addition.

Addition, addition, addition.

And donuts.

And puppies.

Hockey started again, we like to sit together, eat snacks and watch daddy play.

Taylor had her first birthday and loved her smash cake!

And we celebrated Christmas together with all the people that we love. 
Its been an awesome year, many memories, many precious moments.

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Jennifer Pauls said...

Awe, I love this post. So many happy memories. <3