Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy Birthday To Our Baby

Dec 15, 2015, the day our lives were forever changed.
The day that joy, laughed and love was added to our family.
The day Taylor Brianne was born.
I cant believe it's been a whole year already!
This mama heart kinda hurts as I'm writing this, how can a year go buy so quickly!
I could almost cry; but then I think of all the memories we've made, the joy she has brought, the big sister that has loved every day of this past year with her baby sister.
I think of the times where I have just sat, sat and held, sat and cried, sat and smiled, sat and watched our baby. 
And I'm thankful.
Yes this past year went buy much to fast, but when I look back I wouldn't change a day of it!
Im thankful for all that we have learnt, all the joy we have shared and the memories we have made.
I wouldn't trade being a mother for anything in the world!
Happy birthday Taylor Brianne!
Mommy, Daddy, Andrew, Kayla and Brendan love you to the moon and back!
Your'e personality is so fun! You make me laugh!
You are super determined and super smart!
You love babies, and puppies!
Your daddy and siblings mean the world to you and seeing your uncle Mike and playing with your teddy bears makes you really excited!!
God blessed us beyond measure when He placed you in our family!
You are loved!!!

Meeting Taylor for the first time! So new and so little!

One of many photo shoots.

That were often paused for kisses.

This is my favourite kin d of time!

1 Month old.

Big helper!

This face makes my heart melt!

2 Months old.

 Learning how to play with ponies.

3 Months old.

4 Months old.

This girl made the most of her very first Summer! Sh loved being outside!!

4 Months old. Joined by her cousin Sophia.

Her first swim of the Summer! And not her last!!

5 Months Old.

6 Months Old.

Watching everyone play.

Ready for a boat ride! She has spent many hours in the boat!

7 Months Old, working that tan!



8 Months old.

Meeting her cousin Moriah.

Cookie dough with Daddy.

Her first corn on the cob.

9 Months Old.

First tooth!

More outside time, watching Daddy unload grain during harvest.

Her favourite puppy.

10 Months Old.

Watching Daddy play hockey.

Couch cuddles.

 11 Months old. Enjoying the addition!

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